Game of the Week Blog Reflection 3-Betrayal at House on the Hill OR Pandemic

The game I enjoyed the most this week was Betrayal at House on the Hill because I’ve never played a game like it before. There were so many mechanics to the game, and it wasn’t like any of the “basic” games I’ve played in the past. Everything from flipping over rooms, special characters, weapons, and to the haunt, I thought it was all so cool. During this time as well, I enjoyed the narration going on during the game which made me get into it more. The hardest part of this game was trying to beat the haunt. Thankfully, we have experienced players, so they guided us through the haunt eventually. These experienced players did a great job at guiding us on how we should approach the game. Though eventually we had to turn on a member because of the type of haunt, it was still cool to see how leadership and team work came out of the game. I would recommend this game to my friends here at Miami because I know they have never played anything like it. This game is cool in its complexity, and all the events the game contains within it.