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Game of the Week Blog Reflection 3-Betrayal at House on the Hill OR Pandemic

The game I enjoyed the most this week was Betrayal at House on the Hill because I’ve never played a game like it before. There were so many mechanics to the game, and it wasn’t like any of the “basic” games I’ve played in the past. Everything from flipping over rooms, special characters, weapons, and to the haunt, I thought it was all so cool. During this time as well, I enjoyed the narration going on during the game which made me get into it more. The hardest part of this game was trying to beat the haunt. Thankfully, we have experienced players, so they guided us through the haunt eventually. These experienced players did a great job at guiding us on how we should approach the game. Though eventually we had to turn on a member because of the type of haunt, it was still cool to see how leadership and team work came out of the game. I would recommend this game to my friends here at Miami because I know they have never played anything like it. This game is cool in its complexity, and all the events the game contains within it.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 2-Hanabi or Mental Blocks

I actually ended up playing both of these games, and I loved it. I love collaborative games where everyone is having fun, and working together towards the same goal. The hardest part of Hanabi was if myself or a group member would forget our card placements in our hand, we would have to flip over one of the bomb chips, and it would get us one step closer to losing the game. The hardest part of mental block was especially when we were using the challenger cards, where people had certain restrictions on how they can help out the team. Similar to when playing Werewolf, the ties to leadership and teamwork was within the rotational roles, and the role players we each took within the games. We all have the same goal, so we want to listen to each other, and hear what everyone can add to the table to win. I think my friends from back home and I would enjoy this game greatly because we love games where there is one goal, and we all want to win together.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 1-Ultimate Werewolf

During the first week of class, we played Werewolf. The hardest part about this was not a lot of us knew each other, so we would just target each other with no real good reasons. Though this was the case, we could still see it tie to the communication and listening aspect of rotational leadership. When we were looking to kick a member out of the game, people were respectful of one and another, we we leveraged these insights to make decisions. Although they were based loosely, it was still a display of teamwork and leadership. I think anyone who like the game Mafia would like this game as well because it is very similar, but has several more components to it which makes it very interesting.