GOTW – Betrayal at House on the Hill – Belkowitz

Hello! For Week 3 of EDL290T, our class played Betrayal at House on the Hill. To quickly compare it to another game, I would say it is similar to the board game Clue. The game begins with players cooperatively working together. On their turn, players are able to move around the house. As players move, they open up more rooms and expand the house. At a random point in the game, a player unlocks an omen. The player then betrays the rest of the players and attempts to defeat them. Each player has their own statistics, which is how their amount of life is determined. All other players have to work together to defeat the player who betrayed them all. There are many different scenarios for this game, which complicates the game. One of the most difficult parts of the game can be trying to defeat the person who betrayed the others, but the most difficult part can also be trying to defeat all players as the betrayer. The difficulty really varies based on what scenario is happening. Some scenarios are much easier for some roles than others. I think there is leadership involved in the game. For the game that my group played, we worked together to defeat the traitor. We looked at each other’s statistics to develop strategies so we could defeat the betrayer. This worked well for us. For leadership, it is important to recognize that many people have different strengths. It is important to use everyone’s strengths to achieve a common goal. Because of that, I think this would be a good game to play with colleagues or coworkers. This game would give people an opportunity to practice working together and thinking about other people’s strengths and limitations. I enjoyed this game, and I recommend it to anyone who has not played it!