Survive Escape from Atlantis Reflection

This week’s game was great fun. Me and Samantha had a great time messing around and creating our own rules. The hardest part this time was probably staying serious. That may not necessarily be a bad thing because I think I enjoyed this game much more than many of the others. We started off following the rules and slowly added our own when it sounded fun and we decided we had a good enough grasp of the main game. I think a lot of games are more fun when you’re playing with someone who plays at the same competitiveness level as you. This never would have been as fun if me and Sam cared more about winning. I think we may have thrown leadership out the window here because the most leadership I experienced was when we were creating our own rules. Another instance may have been when we had to decide on mixed boats whether it was worth killing our own people in order to stop our opponent from scoring. Deciding whether the reward outweighs the consequences is a situation many leaders find themselves in. This time in particular is more complicated though due to the unknown variability in score on the bottom of the little people figures. I think we decided to err on the side of caution though and killed as many as possible. So that’s a sort of dark form of leadership, but is one none the less. I think that my sister would also enjoy this game as we often have a very similar level of competitiveness.