Mysterium Reflection

This week we played Mysterium a relatively abstract game where you play as either a psychic murder investigator or a ghost who sends dreams to the investigators in order to help them determine the circumstances of the murder. The hardest part was I think the whole point of the game, trying to figure out what the heck was going on in the ghosts head, almost none of my cards I received from the ghost had virtually anything to do with my 3 circumstances. No matching colors, themes, or even shapes. Even with some indirect spoken hints he somehow led me even more astray which was frankly just kind of funny. The leadership component here was not very pronounced in my mind as I feel everyone behaved as their own leader in this instance. The only one who might be considered a leader of the group would be the ghost, leading us to the right deductions on the murders. This leadership could become quickly strained as we learned to somewhat distrust the dreams he provided us so this really did not feel like the most inspiring leadership game. I think my sister might enjoy this game because of its more abstract clue-esque nature. Overall, definitely not my favorite game ever but something I should probably give another try.