Betrayal at House on the Hill Reflection

The hardest part of the game was probably the somewhat ambiguous interpretation of the rules at times. This isn’t an insurmountable challenge but one has to wonder if the designers encountered this issue in playtesting. The game has some ties to leadership with the group who does not become traitors. They in all cases need a good understanding of how to win the game and need a good team strategy to deal with the challenges posed by the traitors moves. Even though I was weak myself due to constant debilitation before becoming the traitor, I was still able to win by effectively using my pawns to essentially checkmate my ‘enemies’. It seems that despite this being the first time playing for most if not all of us, there was a key lack of understanding of the win conditions among the non-traitor team. If they had realized the gravity of their situation, then they may have realized that they needed to rally together to defend the victims instead of running from my cannibal horde. Overall though it was a very refreshing and different sort of adventure strategy game and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I believe my roommate Chris would really enjoy it because of his love of strategy games.