Game of the Week Blog #2

In class yesterday, we got to play two different games. One was called, Secret Hitler, and the other was called, Hanabi. Secret Hitler was another hidden-role game that had two teams pitted against each other. The point of Secret Hitler was if you were a Liberal, you were attempting to figure out who the other Liberals are and who is Hitler. If Liberals can get five Liberal policies passed, they win the game. The Liberal side can also win if they kill a player and they happen to be Hitler. The Fascist side has to try and get ~five Fascist policies passed or successfully elect Hitler as the chancellor, (only after three Fascist policies are passed).

The other game, Hanabi, played much differently than Secret Hitler. Hanabi is a cooperative game where the goal of the game is to have all the player work together and build a firework show. Players are given random cards that they hold up so everyone can see them, but themselves. Thinking out tactics and giving other players hints is the key to this game.

Both games definitely had elements to them that would give them a challenging trait. From the couple of times I’ve played Secret Hitler, the hardest thing about the game that I noticed would be that sometimes having information on the other players can be difficult to acquire, since some games do not provide much talking or information about the game in progress. For the other game, I find the entire game to be created against the players. When you play the game, you have to decide what your best option is, because one wrong move can make a huge impact on how many points you and your other teammates can score.

Although having some hard elements within the games, both provide good leadership opportunities. Secret Hitler is very similar to Avalon, as players need to make choices of who to follow and trust and who should be the leader. As for Hanabi, everyone has to step up and give it their all if they want to be successful in this game. Unlike some games, you are constantly at the forefront and making moves to help lead everyone to an ultimate score.

These games are definitely parts of different gaming genres, so I selected two different people that would also enjoy playing these games. For Secret Hitler, I feel that my brother, Jesse, would love this style of game, as he likes to be aggressive and deceitful in games. For Hanabi, I believe my mother may enjoy this game. My mom absolutely does not like games where you can target people and hinder their progress. Since Hanabi encourages the activity of working together, I feel this would be a good fit.