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Survive Escape From Atlantis

Although the game was launched very early, I really like this game. The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand. There are no long manuals, and the players are very good at getting started.
The hard part is that you need to combine your strategies and escape by working with others. The initial placement requires strategies. If you put them together, the more chances are that your ship will be shot down by others. Different scores also need to be placed differently, and sometimes it is necessary to bring the boat to a safe place together with others. In the game process, you need to communicate at any time, and if necessary, you need to make some decisions, such as whether to cooperate with others, how to shoot down other people’s boats. A friend who played with us lost a lot of points at the beginning, so it became indifferent to start destroying others’ ships, and the game’s direction became uncontrollable.
I think there are many ways to convert this game. When you are the controller of the boat, you need to lead everyone to safety. At this time, you need to think carefully about the direction of each step. You will also give you a lot of suggestions, but you can choose the best results. But when you are on someone else’s boat, you are the identity of the follower. Sometimes you need to make a suggestion, but just like in real life, after the comments are made, the leader needs to decide whether to implement it. The cooperation of everyone can only escape perfectly. So I don’t think this game is as simple as it was originally thought, but more needs cooperation and trade-offs.
After playing this game, I have decided to buy this set of board games. I also recommend this game to my good friends many times. My friends like this game very much. I hope we can play together at the next party.

Mysterium reflection

Mysterium has some similarities to a board game I have played before also rely on cards to guess ideas. Although the mysterium theme is horrifying, it is a joy to play. Players will continue to use the card to solve the case, find the connection between the ghost and the real people, and infer who committed the crime, what weapons are used, and so on.

I think the hardest part is to understand the idea of ​​”ghost” players quickly. If you play this game between friends, everyone will quickly understand what they want to express because they are familiar with each other. The cards given to us will be more suggestive, allowing us to link cards to clues, however, because of the game played in class. We were not familiar with each other. In the beginning, we spent a lot of effort to guess what the “ghost” wanted to express. But after a round or two, we gradually learned what he wanted to express through the card, so the progress became much faster.

I think in this game, “Ghost” is one of the leaders because he wants to find ways to connect cards and clues. Therefore, you need to understand the “cue” characteristics of each person in order to assign cards better. In real life, leaders often face this problem. Every employee’s tasks are different, but how to allocate them reasonably can make the most efficient. Leaders need to think. The same “detectives” also needs a leader, the person who knows the most “ghost” idea or the person with strong logic. Generally, such a leader is judged by ability. In life, I often encounter such a situation. For example, the most thoughtful person in a group activity will become a leader.

I would recommend it to my friends to play or my family, just like I mentioned before. If players familiar with others, there will be more tacit understanding so that you can play a more challenging way.