Ladies & Gentlemen

This week in class we played “Ladies & Gentlemen”, this was my first time playing this game and it was a very good experience. This game is designed for 4-10 players and was designed around high society where players will be a couple with their teammates. The game is very straightforward and strategic as you try and collect the most stars at the end of the game.
The hardest part about this game was collecting the correct tokens if you played the role of a gentleman. You had to be quick and notice what tokens you need in order to gather money and resources to buy items for your significant other. Another flaw in the game was picking a token with a number on it. If you did not receive a low number then other players will purchase resources before you had the chance.
“Ladies & Gentlemen” showcases a variety of leadership skills such as persuasion, influence, and making important decisions under pressure. Leaders in the game have to make crucial decisions each round on what clothing to buy for their significant other and what pieces will allow them to gather the most stars. Overall, this game was very fun to play and I think my friend Jake would love this game as he is very interested in competitive games and environments.