Game Reflection: Ultimate Werewolf

The first game we played in class is called the Ultimate Werewolf. According to the rule, we have to exile 1 person every day by voting. I think the hardest part about this game was figuring out who we should vote out for the first 5 rounds at least, especially for the first round when nobody died. There is not a lot of information to be analyzed and to figure out by logic who we should vote for. This game is tied to leadership because at least one person had to start the conversation so that other people would all share their thoughts. Moreover, people don’t know who should be exiled in the first couple of rounds, therefore, some people usually stepped up and said who they think is on the evil team. These people were leading the group and helping the game to continue. However, these people were usually questioned by others, especially in the first couple of rounds. 

I think my friend Kath would enjoy playing this game because of two reasons. She is the leader in all her classes throughout her college career, so I think she would be happy to lead the group when they are struggling with who they should vote out. Secondly, she is in the team for the Debate Competition. I think she would be able to practice some skills that she could use in her competitions. 

First, everyone got a role at the start of the game and after God explained all the roles, we started our first night. During the first night, all the people who had roles opened their eyes to do their jobs. Then all of us opened our eyes to see if anyone died during the night and figured out who we should vote out for today by having a discussion. According to the game rule, one person had to be exiled by having the highest votes, and the people who were exiled had to reveal their roles. The part I liked was when people tried to persuade others to vote out another person, they were more likely to be voted out in our session. Especially during the first couple of rounds, most people did not have enough information to figure out who were the werewolves so they found people who accused the others to be suspected. The part that I didn’t like was people who were killed at night needed to leave the group immediately when all people opened their eyes without saying any last word. These last words can sometimes provide a good amount of information for people who are still playing the game. 

I think the session went well because the royal team was able to figure out who was on the evil team and eventually voted all of them out. The risk of playing this game is finding the right amount of words to say. Sometimes people who don’t talk during the game are more likely to receive higher votes because they are not helping the royal team to find the bad people by providing their thoughts. However, people who speak more sometimes may expose themselves by saying too many things. I don’t like to take risks, especially in a game like this, so I didn’t talk a lot during the first couple of rounds. I started to talk more when someone accused me of being on the evil team. I didn’t want to take the risk of saying too many things and exposing my role to other people because I wasn’t sure if they were on the good or bad side. By the time I started to say more things was when I had some ideas about who was on the evil team.