Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 9: D&D Week 1

Today in Tabletop Leadership, we played Dungeons & Dragons. I have never played this before but I enjoyed our first session. It is a roll playing game that requires a game master and a lot of creative players. The hardest part about the game is managing all of the character stats and being a good roll player. I don’t consider myself that creative so it is difficult to carry on the story.

This game has ties to leadership because it is a group working together. There are many different perspectives by each of the players and you have to make decisions as a group. Leadership requires making decisions and managing different perspectives within a group. The game master also acts as a leader because they have to initiate the story.

I think my friend Taylor would enjoy this game because she likes to roll play. I think her creative mind would make this game more enjoyable. She is very good at following along with a story which would let her get into it easily. I started to get into our play session after our first combat. I like how we won our first combat and then made decisions as a group on what to do next. I look forward to next week in order to see what interesting things develop in our game.