What Type of Gamer am I Reflection

Last week I completed a quiz that determined what type of gamer I am and then wrote a 1-2 page reflection of the results. In terms of the quiz taking experience, I would say that it was a relatively quick assessment and was straightforward. Those are elements that I can appreciate because when these types of quizzes are worded weird or confusing it definitely skews the results. However, I would say my results were a pretty accurate interpretation of my gaming profile.

The results were based on a four motivations cluster model and each cluster had subcategories related to it. I scored high on the first motivation cluster of conflict and social manipulation because when I like to play to win. This means I will do anything to beat my opponents including using tactics like deceit as a strategy. This is probably why I’m so good at games that require some degree of bluffing. I scored low on strategy and discovery because I don’t enjoy games that require a heavy level of thinking or just serve to demonstrate intelligence. I scored relatively high on immersion and aesthetics because I like games I can pretend to be in and that look pleasing to the eye. Lastly, I scored high on social fun because I am not a serious gamer. I don’t play in competitions or participate in organizations. When I play it is purely for entertainment and in social gatherings. Overall, I would consider these results an accurate representation of myself as a gamer.