“How to Play” Video Reflection

For the first time ever I created an instructional video with my voiceover and it was very nerve-wracking. The game I chose to model a how-to video after is one of my favorites called Among Us. Last week, I downloaded the mobile app and played multiple rounds while screen recording and recording audio with a mic in my headphones. I think most of my anxiety surrounding this assignment came from being self-conscious of my voice or my inexperience as a gamer. Usually, when people create videos like this they are pros with a well-established Youtube video but I took this as an opportunity to push my boundaries.

The video requirements were that it had to be 7-10 minutes long with leadership aspects discussed at some point. At first, I thought 7-10 minutes was far too long but by the time I had finished my video, it was a little over half an hour! So the majority of my time was spent editing and cutting parts that I deemed unnecessary to fulfill the requirements. However, removing parts was disappointing because at some moments the video was funny or gave useful tips but I think I captured the best 8 minutes possible. Some leadership aspects referenced were communication and flexibility because whether your an imposter or a crewmate being able to direct the discussion in the chat before the voting process could be the difference between life and death, winning or defeat.