Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 3

This week, we finished the final step of Fiasco which is called the “aftermath”. When we created the scene, we got the dice in two different colors which are black and white from other group members, and the difference between black and white dice is other group members ‘opinions of how your scene goes, if they think your character will be in a better situation, they will give you a white dice, if they think your character will be in a worse situation, they will give you a black dice. I am not good at creating the scene, so I got more black dice than white dice, thus the aftermath end for me was not good, I lost almost everything. I lost my boss which was dead in the final part; I lost my job since the whole police office was on fire and my clinic was in the police office. So, I decided to leave this city and find my new life.

After we finished our Fiasco, we went back to the main room and learned about some skills of leadership such as values, morals, and ethics. I think the tolerance is also a part of the leadership. As I said in the previous week’s blog, we missed one group member last week, so we decided to wait for her but not finished the game without her. This week this person came back, we told her what we done last week and help her to adapt our story, and we really had a good time with finishing this story. One thing that the professor taught me during the class session was having integrity is a good thing, but there are still some disadvantages.

During this week’s class session, I think the hardest part is still to create your own scene that can make the whole story interesting and logical, but I think a make a great progress since I got a white dice (which means my group member think the scene I created was good, and in the last week I got all my scene black dice.) this week. The class session went very well, we discussed a lot during the session about the scene so that we make our Fiasco story ended interesting, and we all like this end.