Game of the Week: Incan Gold/Can’t Stop

For the session this week we played two “quick” games about luck in small groups. The first game was Can’t Stop, which is a game involving dice where you keep pressing your luck to roll the number(s) needed to advance up the rows you’re in. However, you can press your luck too far and end up with nothing you can use and get reset to the beginning. The second game was Incan Gold. This is a game where you go through a dungeon with your team and try to collect the most amount of treasure while not encountering two of the same trap.

Our play session went pretty well for these games. The one issue we had though, was time constraint. We played a few games of Can’t Stop, but didn’t have enough time to finish our game of Incan Gold. For Can’t Stop, I won the first game, but after that I kept losing and kept falling back down after pressing my luck too far. For Incan Gold, I was the one that kept going through the dungeon and wound up with the most treasure at the end. Out of the two, Incan Gold was my favorite, and I think my little brother would really like this game.

Risk taking is a big part of these games. I was hesitant when we first started playing to keep taking risks, but after I won my first game of Can’t Stop, I felt less hesitant and went for it more. Each time I had a successful round, it made me want to keep pushing my luck. However, the hardest part was making myself keep pushing the limits when I constantly kept losing. I think this is incredibly similar to how you approach leadership. One of the qualities of being a leader is being willing to take risks. They might not always work out, but it’s important to keep trying and not give up.