D&D Week 2

This week, we continue to play D&D from what we left last week. I thought this week the process went much more smoother and exciting than last week. Since most of our group members are very familiar with the rules and spells now. For me, I think I have a better experience with D&D compare with last week. Because I have a better understanding of my spells as well as my strength and weakness. For example, I have spells called thunderclap and fireball which can hit the Goblin. I think the most interesting part about the game is once I used my spell magic missile defeat two of the goblin, I cannot succeed on my own. It is an outcome of group work, if my group member does not help me defeat the goblin for the first time, I can not succeed easily. Also, in the first round, I hit by a Gobelin and my health only remain for one point, so I hold my turn and my group members replace me and go first. It demonstrates teamwork, if we only rely on ourselves it is impossible to reach the final victory. So it is really helpful to have group members to play together.

The hardest part about the game I think is to decide to use which of the spell can hit the Gobelin but also protect myself and my team to be safe. So it is really important to roll the dice which can avoid the damage, this also has the element of luck. But my spells also depends on my character’s level. If I have a higher level, my spell can also cause more damage. Sometimes, I want to hit the goblin but my dice is smaller than the goblin, I will suffer the damage. So it is also the right time and right place to use the spell.

I would like to play D&D with my cousin because she is good at playing games like D&D. I think she will be very familiar with the rules and spells and she will be a good leader of the game, so I am looking forward to playing with her. I think the overall session of this week is going really good since we had successfully defeated the goblin.