Week 5 – Incan Gold and Can’t Stop

This week we were going to play both Can’t Stop and Incan Gold. Starting the game was rocky as we had trouble with the board game arena website. Once we figured out the issues (realizing we had to play Incan Gold on a tabletop simulator) we started and decided to stick with the game Can’t Stop. I believe setting up the game was the hardest thing about it. 

Our game session went really well. Once started we had no issues and everyone came prepared as to knowing the rules of the game. We had some chatter and it was enjoyable being able to talk to people that I had not met before. I think this week was my favorite game play so far. 

I noticed that I do not have a very risky game style. This is parallel to how I am in a leadership role. I typically go with the safe and what I considered smart option, instead of a risk it all mentality. I liked that this game was very easy to play and took only minutes to learn. It makes it a very good game to play with a social group. There really is not anything I disliked about this game.

I am highly considering purchasing this game for my family because I believe they would really enjoy it. Playing with them would be a blast as we are all very competitive in nature and this game is exciting in the sense that you are risking your progress every single turn.