Which Mario Character Are You Similar To?

One of the intriguing assignments in Miami University’s course, EDL290T, Tabletop Games and Leadership, is to create an interactive quiz on Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is a media and entertainment known well for the creative personality quizzes which users can create and publish on the platform. For the course, EDL290T, I created a Buzzfeed quiz involving questions about leadership and characters from Nintendo’s world of Mario. Users can answer five simple questions and see immediate results telling them which character they are most similar to.

The first part of this assignment involved the creation of this quiz. I selected a well-known group of characters from a popular video game series. I determined which characters would allow me to have a variety of results, while still featuring familiar characters. For the quiz, I selected Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Wario. I believe these are recognizable characters that have unique traits.

After selecting which characters to use, I developed ideas for questions. I needed questions that would have an answer leading to each character. I also wanted questions focusing on varying ideas, such as leadership and fun games. I wanted some serious questions to help decipher a person’s personality, but I also wanted some entertaining questions that pertain to the story and characters involved. The questions I came up with asked users things such as which personality traits they thought they had or were important. I also asked questions such as which character a person would want to play as in a Mario game.

After creating questions, I picked answers that would lead to each possible result. I used the Nintendo website to read more about the characters and their personalities. I also took away from my own experiences with these characters from playing games. I created answers that I thought well-represented each possible character result.

At the time of writing, 34 people have sent me their results from the personality quiz. The breakdown of what people got on their first try is as follows:  Luigi, 10; Princess Peach, 10; Mario, 8; Yoshi, 6; Wario, 0. After seeing their first result, some people took the quiz many more times in order to try to get different characters. This resulted in many more Warios and Yoshis. 

I found the results of this to be interesting. I did not expect many people to get Wario, and my prediction was right; 0 people got Wario. I had attached Wario to negative answers that relate to a selfish personality. Mario did as expected, with around a quarter of the results being him. Mario is a strong leader and the main character of nearly all games involving Mario characters. I got Mario when I took the quiz. I think I often take a large leadership role in group activities. I expected Yoshi to have better results. Of the 34 participants, only 6 people got Yoshi on their first try. Yoshi was attached to responses such as companionship and a funny personality. I had not expected Luigi and Princess Peach, who are tied with 10 each, to be at the top of the leaderboard. Luigi was attached to responses involving friendship, cooperation, and determination. Princess Peach was attached to answers involving kindness and supportiveness. All participants agreed with their results, except some who got Princess Peach and Luigi thought they should have gotten Yoshi. 

I think the results are interesting and show more than just what character someone may be similar to. This personality quiz showed me which traits most people identify with when it comes to leadership and group roles. Most people identify with characteristics and personalities that are supportive, like Luigi and Princess Peach. I think this assignment showed me where people fall when it comes to leadership, and I definitely learned which traits people think are the most important.