GOTW – Survive: Escape from Atlantis – Belkowitz

During Week 5 of EDL290T, our class played Survive: Escape from Atlantis. Of the games we played in-person, this was probably my favorite game. Atlantis is a well-known city that supposedly sunk into the ocean. In this game, the board is an ocean with land in its four corners. Island tiles are placed in the center of the board and make up an island. Similar to Risk, players take turns placing their pieces throughout the game board. The goal of the game is to get your players from the center island to the land in a corner. As a part of a player’s turn, they remove a piece of the land. Every turn, players have fewer land spaces to move to. There are also creatures with different abilities which makes the game easier or more difficult for players. There are also boats which players can use to help transport their players to land in the corners, instead of slowly swimming. The hardest part of this game was trying to get pieces to the corners. This is a very free-for-all game where all players are out to get each other. Some players were targeted and it was difficult to get around the obstacles created by opponents. I think this relates to leadership because of cooperation, in a way. All players want their pieces to get to land. All players don’t want their opponents pieces to get to land. In my game, people had to learn to cooperate to benefit themselves. In life, people may have different goals, but cooperation can help people get where they want. I would enjoy playing this with my friends and my family. I would suggest people play it with those groups. It is a very fun game which could be used for a game night. I really enjoyed this game and definitely suggest you play it, if you have not.