Ultimate Werewolf Blog Reflection

Ultimate Werewolf was a fun game on its own but I think the diverse group really made it fun. At first there was no real direction it seemed and frankly I was getting bored so I just decided unilaterally to start the voting while knowing full well that it was likely to end up getting me killed if not on that turn but shortly after. I was the lycan so I didn’t feel my role was very helpful to my team alive and thus decided to try and be a leader to get things moving. However, as predicted, a few turns later I was eliminated. Thus ended the vast majority of my opportunities to interact with others. This was okay though because in a way it was all in the plan. It got the game moving and helped prevent further confusion for my team. As a huge bonus I had by chance immediately eliminated one of the werewolves which certainly put the odds of the game much more in my teams favor. The hardest part of the game was probably for me just to be sitting out the majority of the game without really getting to put in any input even if I noticed something. This also prevented me from providing anymore leadership beyond the short period I got to play in the beginning. I did however see great leadership between the bodyguard and the seer. By working together to protect our teams greatest asset we were able to even further swing the game in our favor and this was great to see develop.