Tabletop Game Benefits

Clearly I’m a strong believer in the benefit of Tabletop Games for different aspects of personal growth including leadership. Here is a story I found that shows people discussing how a local gaming establishment has helped them in a number of ways.

This semester I’ll be starting my fourth semester of teaching this class and we will have a number of blogs and assignments on here from students. At the same point, I haven’t been contributing as much as I should and I intend to start doing more here again.

One thing I’m thinking about doing is doing some reviews about how I can see different leadership lessons in different games. So kind of a break down of what we do in the class but also other games. What leadership concepts do I see arise in Dinosaur Island? In Wingspan? Or other games I play. Not sure the frequency but hope that will be interesting content for people who stumble across this corner of the world to consider.