Week 4 – Mysterium Reflection

Last week we played what is now one of my new favorite games, Mysterium. Mysterium is essentially like clue with weird Freudian dream analysis. One person plays the ghost of a murdered person who leaves vague dreams to this team of investigators trying to solve the crime. Each person has to identify their own suspect and then if all suspects are identified, at the end of the game the team works together to find the true culprit. The hardest part about this game is trying to interpret the dreams delivered by the ghost. One person’s way of thinking about the dreams could be completely different from someone else’s. This game ties into leadership through the ghost trying to lead the team to the correct answer but isn’t able to use words. Leadership in the team itself also emerges as people argue and try to defend their interpretations to lead the team to the correct conclusion. My entire family would love this game because we are avid clue players and this game is a cool twist on a classic family game. We like the challenge of solving mysteries but each of us like to win. WIth this game, it is possible for everyone to win which satisfies us and doesn’t leave anyone as a sore loser. Unless of course, everyone loses.