Week 1 – Avalon Reflection

For our very first class this semester we played Avalon! This secret identity game was played both in a vanilla version where there were simply the good guys (AKA Merlin’s and King Arthur’s homies) vs the bad guys (aka the minions of Mordred), as well as a more complex version with roles within the teams. The hardest part for me about this game was having to lie to the other players. I am absolutely awful at lying so that makes me really quite bad at these sorts of games. However I still had a fun time playing, especially the version with roles.

This game ties to leadership because depending on your role, you may have to lead your team in a certain direction even if you don’t know exactly who is on your team. Leadership is also seen through the movement of the game. Someone has to step up to call when the votes will take place and when the next person should start their turn.

My brother Bob would absolutely love this game because he likes messing with people’s heads. He likes having opportunities to confuse people’s thought processes and insert doubt into decisions. This is crucial for Avalon because the game revolves around being able to convince the rest of the players that you are good even if you are not.