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Leave the Center

September 15, 2017 angelokm 8

To the left is a blank piece of paper awaiting for a student to take notes on. The paper is made up of the center […]

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Teaching in the Moment

September 14, 2017 mulligmg 8

To be a teacher, you have to have some skills in acting and improv. Does this mean teachers just “act” like they know what they’re […]

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Monoculture Classrooms

September 13, 2017 Shay 3

  Walk to class. Sit in the same seat next to the same people. Turn in a standard worksheet. Listen to a powerpoint presentation. Pack […]

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Web Of Learners

September 8, 2017 angelokm 6

Teachers are life long learners who try to inspire their students to love learning as much as they do. Although this task seems simple, it’s […]

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An Interesting Perspective

September 8, 2017 rohlfswe 10

Howdy Bloggers, Today marks the official kick off of the first installment of this new series titled, “An Interesting Perspective.” Every now and again, this […]