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Effective utilization of tech tools

February 11, 2018 johns708 9

Effective utilization of tech tools By: Hayley Johnson We educators know how prevalent technology is becoming in classrooms. Students have Chromebooks, laptops, desktop computers, handheld […]

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Full STEAM Ahead

December 3, 2017 johns708 12

Full STEAM Ahead By: Hayley Johnson   The idea of “STEM” today includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Imagine if you could add art to […]

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Issues Rooted in STEM

November 18, 2017 johns708 6

Issues Rooted in STEM By: Hayley Johnson Have you seen this? This is a new (2017) Lego set that was released just this year honoring […]

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Transparency of Learning

November 12, 2017 johns708 6

Transparency of Learning By: Hayley Johnson Have you ever been teaching and feel like your students are listening but not understanding, or your students are […]

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There’s No “I” in Team

October 6, 2017 johns708 4

Cooperative Learning “Cooperative learning” may seem like a foreign concept to those who went through school with just lectures and tests with nothing else in […]