Web Of Learners

Teachers are life long learners who try to inspire their students to love learning as much as they do.

Although this task seems simple, it’s not. A classroom is full of students with completely different needs and interests. The classroom houses a complex web of learners.

What makes an exemplary science teacher?

  • When teaching, it is important to remember to try and include different methods to incorporate all of the different learns (visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic).


  • A good teacher also has student centered classroom. This means that the students have control over their learning and the teacher guides them on their path to success. Each student brings different experiences, knowledge, beliefs and questions to the table. This allows students to collaborate and help each other learn.

  • Great teachers foster curiosity in their students. Teachers need to bring learning to life with fun ways to understand the material. This helps student engage in what they are learning and create new opportunities for questing. It also helps if the teacher is curious about what he or she is teaching.

  • Teachers should build a strong relationship with their students. This creates a good learning environment. The students can tell that a teacher cares about their education and well-being. When the students feel like someone is on their side, they are more likely to participate in school.





  • Teachers should focus on students improving instead of them mastering the material right away. Students learn at different rates which makes it hard for everyone in the classroom to be on the same page. By teachers allowing students to learn at their own pace, the students are more willing to learn. They will make sure they understand the concepts before moving forward. Eventually, the students will have mastered the material.


  1. I liked that you pointed out a bunch of different ideas for making an exemplary teacher. Comparing student and teacher centered learning in the infographic, and explaining what makes a student centered teacher was very well done. The point about building a relationship with students is so important, as it can turn someone reluctant to learn into a highly motivated learner!
    I’d love if you had pointed out that while these are some ways to be an exemplary teacher, there is so many more ways and it’s not like checking off a box!
    I love your post and how you broke it down and then provided a quote/picture to support it!

    • Dillon, I really liked your comment. I like how you highlighted what you really liked about my post. I thought having great pictures and quotes to go with my explanation was a good way to get my point across. I do like your suggestion of saying that these aren’t the only things a teacher has to do to be an exemplary science teacher.

  2. I think the point that stuck out most to me while reading this post was the part about building relationships. This is absolutely essential to promote a healthy learning environment. Building relationships allows the students to become more comfortable in the classroom and in their learning. It, in a sense, helps strip away some of the formalities that are often encountered in the learning process. Students will feel more comfortable asking questions or coming to the teacher to discuss a topic if there is a trust built up. One of the easiest ways to build this trust is through relationships.

    • Billy, I agree with your comment. It is one of the most essential things a teacher can do. It really shows the students that the teacher cares. Without this relationship I think the best learning can’t take place.

  3. I really liked that infographic on teacher centered and student centered learning! All of your points about what makes a good teacher all make perfect sense. I love your point on making sure that the teacher incorporates different types of learning. This will allow all students to learn in a way that is best for them. It will also give all the students a chance to see information in a different way. Even if they are not a kinesthetic learner, maybe a hands on lesson will just make it click to them in that setting.
    I also really enjoyed all of the pictures and quotes you included with this post!

    • Thank you for your comment on my post! I agree that teaching things in different ways will help all students in the classroom. The more ways a student sees a topic, the better they will understand the topic. I hope you found it helpful.

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