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Challenges of Science Teaching: Aesa’s Top Three Walls to Smash Through.

Being the starry-eyed idealist I am, I’ve always had a bit of an issue separating the grandiose visions in my head from reality. Over the past few years of my life, I’ve been building up this idea of a glorious … Continue reading

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Science Classroom Management: Controlled Chaos

Probably my favorite thing about being in science education classes is the fact that I’m constantly surrounded by starry-eyed idealists. My professors and classmates are constantly spinning tales of beautiful futures where kids come to school excited to learn, where … Continue reading

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Even though it’s a necessary part of growing up, being a teenager is hard. You’ve here in the most uncertain time period of your life, just trying to figure out who you want to be and what you want to … Continue reading

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Leveling up: Player choice and student ownership

As the huge nerd I am, I’ve spent many an hour fantasizing about what life would be like if I were a character in a game. I’ve taken dozens of online tests to find out my Dungeons and Dragons Stats, … Continue reading

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Ground Control to Major Dog: A STEM Activity

Have you ever noticed how art tends to reflect science and technology? As humans progress forwards as a species, we find the culture of the times shifting alongside us. This was never made more obvious than when the United States … Continue reading

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We can all be starship captains

Stereotypes are an unfortunate reality in today’s world. It’s in human nature to sort and categorize things, to try and make sense of the world by putting things into boxes. “The red mushrooms are poisonous”, “the dark sky means it’s … Continue reading

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The Hidden World of Learning: Making Thinking Visible

The ancient cobblestones shifted and clicked underneath Gerenex’s boots as he carefully made his way down the centuries-old staircase. The young wizard breathed deeply of the dust and debris of the ruins in a feeble attempt to calm his anxiety … Continue reading

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A personal foundation: Constructivism

Matthias’ fingers lightly tapped on the shiny black sphere that topped the pawn on the board before him, listening to the hustle nd bustle outside of the tent as it started to die down for the night. His cold, calculating … Continue reading

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Teamwork: Making Dreams Work Since a Really Long Time Ago.

The cafe was warm, and soft morning sunlight streamed in through the tinted windows and onto Maria’s piles of newspaper clippings and scribbled-on napkins. Despite the fact that bringing them here made the cafe’s other patrons suspect she was a … Continue reading

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The Force of Discovery

It was late, and as the frequency of the clock’s ticking drove itself deeper and deeper into the back of Mikial’s mind, he found himself less bound to the world itself. How long had he been sitting here? Hours? Days? … Continue reading

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