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How to fly with STE(A)M

October 28, 2018 murraypk 4

Well, not exactly. A much better word for it would really be hover. But come on, what kid isn’t gonna get excited about building a hovercraft. […]

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STEAM in Motion

October 28, 2018 moehriwj 4

STE(A)M activities get students involved in not just one content area, but several at the same time.  For group work, this means helping each student […]

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Geology STE(A)M Activity

October 28, 2018 kopackka 12

What is STEAM? STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. Today I’m going to be going over a fun geology activity: Egg Geodes! […]

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Time to SCREAM for STE(A)M

October 28, 2018 bischowj 3

Hey you physical science teachers out there! Have you wondered how to make motion an interesting lesson while also trying to infuse more STE(A)M inspired […]

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STE(A)M Activity

October 26, 2018 welshkm 3

In the spirit of Halloween, here is an example of a ~spooky~ STEAM activity called Ghost Rockets! In case you forgot what the learning cycle looks […]