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Save That Money

February 6, 2019 moehriwj 6

How to keep the classroom cheap: Idea 1: Using MTV Strategies (Cost: $0) The same strategies that we’ve been using to make thinking visible can […]

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Thinking Is Seeing

November 28, 2018 moehriwj 2

Kids are always thinking.  Ideally, they’d be thinking about the lesson, but the mind often wanders to all areas of life.  As a teacher, it’s […]

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STEAM in Motion

October 28, 2018 moehriwj 4

STE(A)M activities get students involved in not just one content area, but several at the same time.  For group work, this means helping each student […]

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Being in the Margins

September 19, 2018 moehriwj 1

Teaching in the margins means creating an atypical plan so that students see a new perspective of learning.  Students’ curiosity can lead the discussion into […]