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Assess for the Best

April 7, 2019 creighcl 1

Assessment in the Science Classroom There are hundreds of ways to assess students in a science classroom. Lab reports. Multiple Choice exams. Written Essays. Demonstrations. […]

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Heads Up!

February 10, 2019 creighcl 2

Engagement is Key I will always argue that one of the most important things in a classroom is engagement. If your students are not actively […]

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Anyone Can Be A Scientist

November 14, 2018 creighcl 6

Minorities in STEM Mae Jemison. Virginia Apgar. George Washington Carver. Gertrude Elion. Alan Turing. What do these five people have in common? Not much, besides […]

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A Better Way to Teach

October 10, 2018 creighcl 7

What is Constructivism? As teachers, the beginning of each school year brings us students whose heads are filled with prior knowledge, ideas, and conceptions of […]