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The Duckworth Approach

February 27, 2020 simpsoem 3

Eleanor Duckworth is a firm believer in “the having of wonderful ideas.” You may be wondering, what classifies as a wonderful idea? She describes the […]

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The Wonder in Wonderful Ideas

February 26, 2020 leew8 2

In the book “The Having of Wonderful Ideas”, Duckworth emphasizes the importance of the virtues involved in not knowing, just as much as the virtue […]

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The Power of Curiosity

February 26, 2020 musolfnj 4

Duckworth, a student of Piaget’s, urges us to allow children to be curious and support their sense of wonder. It is this sense of wonder […]

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MTV: The Art of Visualizing Thinking

February 12, 2020 leew8 3

In the current classrooms, teachers mostly focus on completing worksheets and assignments, instead of emphasizing the importance of truly understanding the material. We don’t expect […]