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Dungeons and Dragons

In class, we played Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition for three weeks, it was an interesting experiment in roleplaying and an interesting way to demonstrate leadership. Having played Dungeons and Dragons before, both Fifth Edition as well as spending about 5 or so years toiling away with the Revised Third Edition, I would consider myself fairly experienced with D&D, I always think the hardest part about D&D is the role-playing, especially when the game is played over the internet, whether it be a voice call or a text chat. It is difficult for many players to step back from themselves and into the role of a character that has (likely) never existed before. The mechanics of the game can be taught and learned by anyone, roleplaying on the other hand is more difficult and depends on the person, it will come more naturally to some than it will to others, but it can be learned with practice and time. All of that said, D&D is a fun game, I enjoyed the three short sessions I played in class.

I think D&D is a game for everyone, every player will get something different out of the experience, and with 5th Edition especially, it is a nice introduction to Tabletop RPGs. I think the main drawback to attempting to play D&D in a classroom setting is that the sessions felt a bit rushed, each time a question arose of what to do and where to take the party of characters next, there was a solid minute of staggering silence. While this would not normally be an issue in D&D, the shortened time frame to accomplish the goals of the session made the lack of decisive action a bit frustrating. I had resigned myself to a background role, as I wanted to make sure that other players had a chance to take the spotlight more often, given that I consider myself experienced and I would hope that everyone who was playing for the first time would have a good first experience.

On the other hand, I understand that roleplaying with a group of people you don’t really know can be intimidating and that there is a bit of shyness to the first couple of sessions. I had never attempted the “Lost Mine of Phandelver” module, so I was going in blind, but the game was run well enough by our guest DM and I had fun with my Blue Dragonborn Tempest Cleric, and I figure that’s all that really matters.

D&D Week 3

For our ninth week of class, we finished up our D&D game. The session brought us to the end of the cave and got us to what was essentially was the final boss. We got into combat with the character and eventually killed him along with others in the cave. We lost one of our companions run by the DM and left the cave with what we had set out to find. The end of the session was open-ended for our characters, so there is more left to their stories.

                To sum up my entire experience throughout the three sessions, I would say I had a lot of fun. All of the interactions were very unique in that people would say stuff that just bring us in a completely different direction that others may go in when conversing with the characters run by the DM. I felt like every character had a role within the party, and everybody had something to bring to the game. I think the DM did a great job bringing the characters to life and describing the scenarios to us.

                I would recommend this game to a lot of my friends. I feel like this game is a lot more fun to run through if you know the people you are playing with more. This allows for people to have better chemistry when bouncing off each other in conversations and adds to the fun in the game. It may be harder to set up a game with my friends, however, because nobody really has any experience with DMing.

D&D Week 2

For this week, we continued our session of D&D. The session was less of introducing our characters like last week and more about continuing our previously established story. The game session consisted of us coming up with ways to sneak into a cave and make progress through the cave. We had a battle and a couple fun interactions occur. Overall, it went very smooth and we made decent progress in our story.

                Personally, I had a lot of fun in the interactions in this segment. We spent a lot of time talking with other characters inside the cave, and while some of the interactions did not necessarily help us advance through the cave, they were still fun to do. The interactions we had are what kind of make me feel like D&D is unique in its experience.

                For leadership, I would say this segment harps some of the same things from last week. I had some trouble adapting to some conversations in the game as my character, but others did a great job thinking up great things for their character. Playing as your character is a very unique experience that some may be better than others at.

D&D Week 1

For this week, we did our first session of Dungeons & Dragons. I have past experience with the game, but it had been a while since I last played it, so I was excited for this game coming up. Our session started off by introducing everybody and their characters and getting a good understanding of how the game works and what to expect. We then got into game and got some interactions and did a combat scenario. Overall, we got a good start to the session.

                Personally, I like D&D a lot, but have not played it as much as I would like to. My personal favorite things about the game are that you are only really limited by your imagination as you can create your own character and background for that character. All of the interactions are off script for the players, and it allows for great moments to happen.

                For leadership, I would say this game relates to that because you sort of fulfill a role in the game. You do not typically operate as you would in real life and have to play out scenarios like you believe your character would. You also need to be able to lead through conversations and decision making in the game. Being able to think of ways to use your character’s skills efficiently is very helpful for everybody in the party.

D&D (Weeks 1-3)

I had heard so much about this game through the years and never had a chance to play it until this class. It was great experience overall. There was so much free rein over what to do and where to go. I love the aspect of the medieval setting. When building my character, I tried giving myself traits that corresponded with who I am in real life. I focused on giving myself extra benefits in the elements of stealth and persuasion. These traits proved to serve useful when playing the game. At one point when crew was settling down in a town for a short rest, I went to a blacksmith shop and persuaded the shopkeeper to sell me weapons at a discounted price. And in battle, my extra stealth points gave me and my team an advantage when engaging targets that were unaware of our presence. At one point, our whole team almost got eliminated by goblins if it weren’t for healing potions that one member provided.

Our leaders here were, of course, our dungeon master Griff, who did a fantastic job of conducting the game and answering questions when needed, and Joe, a member of our team who had already played D&D prior to this session. Joe would command the squad and instruct us on what to do. Both Joe and Griff made the game much easier for the myself and the others who had never played before.

Despite us never reaching our goal in the game because we ran out of class time, this experience was loads of fun for me. It was something new and I really admire the free will aspect and the hundreds of different paths to take to accomplish a goal.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 8: D&D Week 1

this week we have played d&d beyond. i think d&d beyond is one of my favorite types of the game because i am a fan of dota and world of warcraft. in d&d world i call myself anti-mage the vigo. this name is from a video game called dota and there is a NPC who is good at killing mages and therefore people named him anti-mage. vigo is my English name. my class is a warlock and my race is Dragonborn. i choose warlock as my class because my first game character in world of warcraft is a warlock and he can learn and spell almost all the magic talents.

the hardest part of the game? i don’t think d&d beyond is hard because i have played so many times before and i was familiar with the background of the game. i believe my video game friends will like this game because they are all the fans of the world of warcraft. warrior, mage, orc and elf, i can not be more familiar with all these types of race.

the session went well and the leader in our group gives us the most impressive experiences. he can use many types of voices. for example, he can talk in the way that elf talks, he can talk in the way that goblin talks. i really enjoy playing with my leader. he is kind and when i was in trouble understanding, he is always willing to help me out and gives me advice. for example, when I drive the car with my other four teammates and when we encounter a group of goblins. when i was not sure whether or not should i cast spell on goblin or just stay in the car and use my talent to make medicine to heal my team. my leader helps me analyze the situation based on my attributes and directs me to the right path.

i really like this game although i am not the one who is the strongest. this game will be continued next week and i think can not wait. the most interesting part of this game is interrogating the arrested goblin. although we do not believe this goblin now because he attacked us , we still decided to let him direct us.

to sum up, this game is just like world of warcraft which i have played before. although this d&d beyond is a table game and world of warcraft is a video game, both of them have same settings and backgrounds. i can not wait to play the game next week.

D&D Week 1

It is our first day play D&D and also my first time play D&D. I think the overall experience toward the first week D&D is went well. Because we have a leader who is the expert of the game came to our group and help us get started. For me, the hardest part about the game is to understand the rules and what kind of skills my character have and what is the right time to use it. Also, D&D is driven by imagination, it is open to us to determine the consequences of the adventures’ action. Each of plays roll a strange dice to resolve whether their attacks hit or miss or whether their adventures can scale a cliff, roll away from the strike of a magical thunder clap. I think the leader of our group also takes the role of the Dungeon Master, the game’s lead storyteller and referee. The DM creates adventures for us as the characters also roll the dice to decide which paths to explore. I think he really helps a lot and lead us to defend the enemy, so I really like this part of the game.    

At the first place, the rules and my character creation sheet really confused me a lot, I will lose track and do not know what I should do. For example, I am an elf, I need to understand what is my strength and what is my weakness. And since I only have one spell which is thunder clap, I also needs to consider when is the perfect to use it and hit the enemy. But as the each run pass, I start to understand what I should do is combine my intelligence and dexterity these two advantages together cooperate with my group member to defend the enemy.

And throughout the game I also realized that each time we faced an enemy, the DM ask us to choose which role you want to be in a team. Like be in front, directly faced the enemy or at the middle protect other characters, or at the back to support other characters. The decision in this part is very important to make because I think it is like we work in a group, and we should understand what we good at and choose the right place to actually works best here. I think the best place for me as a elf is in the back to support other characters who are good at fighting. This game I would enjoy playing with my roommates since we have different characteristic so our character will be different and it is really fun to play it.      

Week 8: D&D

I think overall playing D&D for the first time went relatively well. The hardest part for me was understanding all the different rules. The game itself is so open-ended, but there are certain rules one must follow. Our leader of the game kept the game moving and helped to ensure all of us understood what was going on, which made it more enjoyable.

I like that you get to create your character in this game, but I have already realized the character I created is not the best and if I were to go back and try to create another character it would be much different then the one I did create. What I don’t enjoy about the game is that it seems to require some creativity, which seems to be the trend for all role playing games. I think I struggle with these games as I am not very good at diving into the character I create. I am hoping as the next couple weeks of play go on I become better at this skill.

This game ties to leadership because you are becoming a character and must lead that character throughout the game. Particularly in our game play we had one character be in the front when we walked together and continually made decisions and lead us to where we ended up. This requires both strategy and intelligence.

I think my cousin would enjoy playing this game with me because she already regularly plays this game. When I told her we were starting this game in class she was thrilled for me to learn because no one in our family does play. It will be nice to be able to talk to her about it and relate and maybe even play together.