D&D (Weeks 1-3)

I had heard so much about this game through the years and never had a chance to play it until this class. It was great experience overall. There was so much free rein over what to do and where to go. I love the aspect of the medieval setting. When building my character, I tried giving myself traits that corresponded with who I am in real life. I focused on giving myself extra benefits in the elements of stealth and persuasion. These traits proved to serve useful when playing the game. At one point when crew was settling down in a town for a short rest, I went to a blacksmith shop and persuaded the shopkeeper to sell me weapons at a discounted price. And in battle, my extra stealth points gave me and my team an advantage when engaging targets that were unaware of our presence. At one point, our whole team almost got eliminated by goblins if it weren’t for healing potions that one member provided.

Our leaders here were, of course, our dungeon master Griff, who did a fantastic job of conducting the game and answering questions when needed, and Joe, a member of our team who had already played D&D prior to this session. Joe would command the squad and instruct us on what to do. Both Joe and Griff made the game much easier for the myself and the others who had never played before.

Despite us never reaching our goal in the game because we ran out of class time, this experience was loads of fun for me. It was something new and I really admire the free will aspect and the hundreds of different paths to take to accomplish a goal.