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Assignment: Game Written and Video Review

What a semester it has been! Teaching this class has been amazing. For me the worst part of a class is typically grading. This semester, however, it has been a treat, as the new assignments that students have submitted have wowed me. Some of the best have been watching students who came into the class with limited knowledge of playing board games create actually fun prototypes at the end of the class, many of which could stand up in today’s competitive tabletop game market.

Over the next few weeks I plan to share some of the assignments turned in by students (with their permission) on our humble blog. I think these submissions will go a long way in showing some of the amazing things students have done this semester.¬† While all of the students did stellar work on different assignments, I’ll be limiting to a few submissions for each assignment.

I’m starting today with the assignment for written and video game review. All I’ll be sharing is the video part of their review. As with many of the assignments in class they were not limited to tabletop games and could also do any other type of game they chose. I think these will be a nice start to showing some of the amazing work of students in EDL 290T.

Ali Hancock: Review of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Nolin Hamlin: Review of BIONICLE: The Quest For Makuta

I hope you enjoy the hard work Ali and Nolin put in! I look forward to showing you more amazing work over the next two months!