Week 8: D&D

I think overall playing D&D for the first time went relatively well. The hardest part for me was understanding all the different rules. The game itself is so open-ended, but there are certain rules one must follow. Our leader of the game kept the game moving and helped to ensure all of us understood what was going on, which made it more enjoyable.

I like that you get to create your character in this game, but I have already realized the character I created is not the best and if I were to go back and try to create another character it would be much different then the one I did create. What I don’t enjoy about the game is that it seems to require some creativity, which seems to be the trend for all role playing games. I think I struggle with these games as I am not very good at diving into the character I create. I am hoping as the next couple weeks of play go on I become better at this skill.

This game ties to leadership because you are becoming a character and must lead that character throughout the game. Particularly in our game play we had one character be in the front when we walked together and continually made decisions and lead us to where we ended up. This requires both strategy and intelligence.

I think my cousin would enjoy playing this game with me because she already regularly plays this game. When I told her we were starting this game in class she was thrilled for me to learn because no one in our family does play. It will be nice to be able to talk to her about it and relate and maybe even play together.