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Supporting Resilient Learners

Personally, one of the main reasons I want to be a teacher is to cheer my students on and support them as they go through high school, one of the toughest and most stressful seasons of life. High schoolers often … Continue reading

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I’ll Change Your Mind (about chemistry)

When I got to college, I took general chemistry in my first semester. The lecture hall was filled with 175 students, mostly freshman, who were on tracks to go into engineering, medical, or STEM fields. The environment felt competitive and … Continue reading

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Developing Critical Thinking in a VISIBLE Way

No matter the subject in school, students should be challenged to thinking critically and deeply about concepts. But what a lot of teachers forget is that students have to be taught how to critically think and problem solve. Students don’t … Continue reading

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Getting Creative Saves Money!

As most people know, teaching is a hardworking but rewarding profession that doesn’t often have a lot of money associated with it. In Ohio, the average salary of a high school chemistry teacher is a around $43,938. When taking this … Continue reading

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Empowering Diverse Students in STEM

In the field of education, the push for sending students into STEM fields has become more prominent now more than ever. Schools encourage “women in STEM” through offering extracurricular activities and advanced math and science courses. There is a real … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Motivation – what actually DRIVES us?

As a student, I think and talk about motivation frequently. Some days, I don’t feel motivated at all- I procrastinate and drag my feet to complete a homework assignment or study for an upcoming test. Other times, I do feel … Continue reading

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Stepping Outside of the Known and Into the Margins

Some of my favorite memories as a kid were family vacations at the beach. On a sunny day, we’d pack up the beach bag with towels, sunscreen, and toys, and head to the ocean. Between leaving the hotel and reaching … Continue reading

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Going Above and Beyond – Exemplary Science Teaching

Teachers are memorable. They shape our growing minds, guide us, and walk with us through the learning process. If you asked me my favorite science teacher I’ve ever had, I could tell you right away that it was my 11th … Continue reading

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