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STEM is for Everyone

November 10, 2021 bantznf 4

Science is the pursuit of knowledge of the natural world through observation and experiment. It is rooted in the fundamental human desire of discovery and […]

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Put it in Drive!

October 11, 2021 bantznf 3

I’m sure everyone remembers point-grubbers in high school. These were the people who obsessed over every last point, and would fight with the teacher over […]

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Teaching in the Margins

September 30, 2021 bantznf 2

What does “teaching in the margins” mean? The margins are places where learning and discovery take place, outside of the control of the instructor. Traditionally […]

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Exemplary Science Teaching

September 23, 2021 bantznf 5

Being exemplary, being the best, is something that we all strive for in our careers. Athletes, musicians, CEOs are always striving to be more efficient, […]