1. Hi McKenna!
    Thanks for the comment! I can already tell that having a costco/sam’s club card will be really helpful when buying in bulk. Additionally, try looking at other wholesale stores, flea markets, or even contacting manufacturers directly.

  2. Hi Nathan!
    Thank you so much for the comment. I think that one of the most important things with bargain hunting is having an open mind. If you go out searching for specific things, you’ll find disappointment most often. Instead, if you think creatively, you can apply many different things to your classroom.

  3. Hi Luke!
    I really appreciate your kind comment. I feel like I’ll definitely be looking for science literature while I’m bargain hunting thanks to EDT 446. Additionally, I’ve seen tons of unique items while garage sale-ing, and I’m confident that with a little creativity they can be adapted to an earth science classroom.

  4. Hi Michael!

    I also really enjoyed reading your post. I think that it was very colorful, and the resources you included are great for any teacher working with any budget. I know that this might not be exactly a budget friendly situation, but I was wondering, where should a teacher go if they might need something in bulk? Most middle and high school teachers have hundreds of students, do you have any other tips for providing supplies for several groups of students?

  5. Hey Michael!
    I loved reading your post, you had many good ideas for engaging students on a budget. I liked how you explained what engagement is and why it is important. Also, breaking your strategies into two categories of free and almost free made the post more organized. I liked you strategy of bargain hunting, but one question I have is what kind of bargains or materials are we to be looking for?

  6. Hi Michael!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. I especially like how you tied in intrinsic motivation in your introduction. I think that the engage tools are really useful for fostering intrinsicly motivated students n the classroom. I also really appreciated your first point about giving students a voice. I think that it is something so simple but oftentimes overlooked, that can be used regardless of the content. Based on your content area, what are some things you might be looking for at a garage sale or Goodwill that you could tie into your earth science lessons?

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