“EST-ablishing” yourself as an Exemplary Science Teacher

What does it mean to be an Exemplary Science Teacher?

Exemplary Science Teaching is — by it’s nature — what every science educator should strive for. Simply put, Exemplary Science Teaching involves the continual refinement of educational practices in order to provide students with the best possible support for success. This success is not limited to quantitative measurements of success, but instead envelops the well being of each aspect of the student; everything from social justice and emotional health to academic proficiency and inherent curiosity.

What are some characteristics of Exemplary Science Teachers?

  • Provide a Stimulating Environment
  • Continually Analyze, Evaluate, and Strengthen Their Practice Through Evaluation
  • Frequently Use Societal Issues as a Focus
  • Expect Students to Quesiton Facts, Teachers, Authority, and Knowledge
  • Follow an Integrated Approach to Topics by Incorporating Other Subjects, Technology, Society and Ethics.

Exemplary Science Teachers at their core aim to better themselves as well as their students. A fierce commitment to societal issues and ethics is essential for students to see that you are on their side. Additionally, setting an example of curiosity and iquiry allows students to understand that education doesnt stop at the walls of your school, nor does it stop on the last day before they graduate.

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”

Robert Maynard Hutchins

What are some ways to implement Exemplary Science Teaching methods into the classroom?

The implementation of educational methods used by Exemplary Science Teachers is fairly simple. Ask yourself: “Does this foster valuable growth?” There are times when even the most “fun” or “exciting” classroom science experiments will not foster curiosity within students. Instead, science educators must strive to encourage iquiry. Danny Doucette has a great take on how to get students thinking.

Critical thinking is invaluable in life. Luckily, science educators have perhaps one of the greatest tools for encouraging critical thinking — the scientific method. It is through the scientific method which we can link the outside interests of students in order to provide an environment which fosters the unique questions of every student.

Yes, even students like Calvin…

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  1. Hey Michael,
    I really took a lot away from reading your post! I feel that you brought up many important aspects of exemplary teaching that I did not consider. I think that issues with society can factor into our classroom in a important way. I think this is a great way to tie into relevance to capture our students attention. I also think that this will help empower our students to be themselves and know that they are supported. Being there for our students can mean the world of difference and impact not just their learning but their lives.

  2. Hi Michael!
    I really love the definition you included at the beginning of your blog post. It is so important as teachers that we are able to attend to the needs of our students, both in and out of the classroom!
    I’m really interested in the point you made about focusing on societal issues in the classroom in addition to content. We are so limited on time with our students, how would you go about incorporating issues in society in the classroom while still ensuring that the students are learning the content we aim to teach?

  3. Anthony,
    I really appreciate you bringing the lack of specific lesson activities to my attention. Personally, I like to focus on the big picture ideas but I can definitely see now that my blog could use a bit more real-world examples. I appreciate all of your feedback and it’ll definitely influence my writing going forward!

  4. Hey Rachel,
    Thanks for the support regarding how I set up my post. I was super nervous about how it would come across! In response to your question: I feel like some of the core characteristics of an Exemplary Science Teacher are shared across disciplines, but we have the unique ability to incorporate the scientific method in its purest form into our lessons. As for other subjects, each surely will have its own “secret weapon” but I believe the core values and practices could remain.

  5. Hey Michael!

    I really enjoyed your post, you did an awesome job with the meme and comic, it really spruced up your take on exemplary teachers. I think the only way that it could be improved is by adding some activities teachers can do to become exemplary. Like what they can do inside and outside the classroom to cater to the abilities of their students.

  6. Hey Michael!
    I really liked how you defined the core aim of an exemplary science teacher as aiming to better themselves and their students, I think it really captures what makes an exemplary teacher! Also, I thought your emphasis on societal issues and ethics was really important and something I hadn’t considered myself. Great job on the layout and incorporation of media into your post! The one question I had for you was that do you think your characteristics of an exemplary teacher would be different if you were writing this post for a different subject, such as math or English?

  7. Thanks so much, Nathan!
    The inclusion of social justice issues I feel is something that requires a bit of effort to integrate with the standard science curriculum. Thank you for showing your support for the inclusion of those issues as I do feel it is something that can not be ignored by any educator.

  8. Hey Michael!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, and I really liked hearing your fresh tips on exemplary teaching. I agree that having an integrated curriculum is very important, because you want to cover a variety of subjects that also relate to the students’ lives. I especially liked you ideas about addressing societal issues in the classroom, because that is something that is often ignored. I think that if more teachers did this better learning would take place.

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