All I really wanna see is the Mon(Engagement)y

Getting students engaged from the start of your lesson is so important! But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money on supplies and resources for this to be successful. I’m here to list five resources that are cost efficient and engaging that can be used in the science classroom!

5 Resources YOU can use in your science classroom:

1. Simulations

Simulations are a GREAT way for students to see an interact with different science concepts! You can search the internet and find simulations for  a numerous amount of concepts, for example PhET simulations.

On the website, the simulations are divided into content areas with several different FREE simulations students can play around with. This could also be a great way for students to explore with concepts, even after being engaged!

2. Videos

Videos are a great way for students to see different activities that might not be accessible in the classroom or cost effective for a teacher. In the age of the internet, there’s a video for almost anything and they can be an interesting way for students to get involved in what they are learning.

Below, there is an example video of the cell structure for the biology classroom. Cells are far too small for students to see so this video is a great way for students to visualize the different parts!

3. Brain Busters

Brain teasers (or busters) are a great way for students to get engaged in the classroom every day! Even if the riddle doesn’t relate to the content that day, it allows students to practice they’re problem solving skills by having them think outside the box right away. These are also great for a wide range of students of all ages because the mystery aspect is engaging! Here is a list of websites with brain teasers for students of all ages:


4. Games

Games can be a fun and challenging way for students to get engaged in the science classroom. Whether it’s online or in person, students can use their knowledge to play fun games and even compete against teams. is also a great resource where teachers can make questions and students can answer them to compete.

A website full of online games I found was and they have many different games and online activities students can complete and play.

This is an example of a game on microorganisms that students can explore and play:

5. Demos

Demos are a great way for students to get engaged with a new concept or idea. Although this could be considered the most “pricey” on this list, there are many demos that can be completed with materials found in the classroom or at home! You can also find demos for all sorts of concepts online and adapt them to your content goals.

For example:

  • Graham Cracker Plate Tectonics
    • Students can use graham crackers and icing to demonstrate the 3 types of plate boundaries

Engaging science activities shouldn’t have to break the bank and can still have a lasting effect on student learning. Try using one of these resources in your next lesson!



  1. Hi Kacey! I really liked all of the resources that you provided for cheap and easy ways to get your students involved! I remember using PhET in high school and loving it, so it’s nice to see that they have a wide range of simulations! All around great post!

    • Bryce,

      Thank you so much! I agree that PhET is a great resource to use in schools. I also used those simulations in many of my science classes. I just think that it’s great to see so many different kinds of resources that are free online!


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