Fiasco Playset Reflection

I designed a Fiasco playset (with the help of my father) that was based on the popular Netflix series, the Peaky Blinders. I think the hardest part of the assignment was both the duration of how long it would take to complete and coming up with things like relationships and locations that weren’t too specific or too vague. Creating different six groups of six is harder than you would think. It was very tedious to make sure that none of the relationships or other categories were repetitive and made sense in the overall them of the game.

When creating my own playset I used both the playsets already programmed into TableTopia and other fan-created fiasco sets to give me a sense of the different directions I could guide my game to go. I submitted my assignment in the form of a google doc template but I’m looking forward to finding a way that my family can actually play it. My favorite part was designing something I knew my family would enjoy and could potentially get them hooked on Fiasco. There’s a possibility I may create more playsets in the future because Fiasco is the best game we have played so far in class