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Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8: Ladies & Gentlemen

This week, we played the board game which is called Ladies & Gentlemen. We played this game during the class time online by using tabletop simulator. In this game, every two people will get into a group, one played as the lady and one played as the gentlemen. And the rules for being a lady and being a gentleman are totally different.

During the class time, there were 8 people including me played this game, and I was playing the on gentlemen side. We only got to the week 2 because one of the classmates had the internet issue and because of the complexity of the game. But we had a great time.

I think the hardest point for playing this game is to estimate your partner’s situation and making proper choice for the team. For example, my partner played as lady, and he decided to go to visit a place. However, two other teams also wanted to visit to that place, but only one of them can visit that place. Since I got the coin of 1, which means our group can go first, me and my partner can go to that place and the other two teams cannot, so they wasted this chance. So, I think this is the hardest point, because if you make a bad choice or make a wrong guess, your team will lose for this round.

I think the leadership in this game is to make good decisions. For example, if I did not get the coin of 1 and my partner chose to visit the same place as the other two teams, our team will waste that chance so that we will fall behind in this game. So, I think in a team, the leader should have the ability to make good decisions because good decisions can make the team better.

I think I do not like this game because I think the rule is a little bit complex.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8: Ladies & Gentlemen

This week in Tabletop Leadership we played Ladies & Gentlemen. We had 8 players in the session, 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen. We only got through one phase because it was difficult to get set up. I would say that the most difficult part of the game is knowing what all of the cards and pieces do. It is very different gameplay depending on if you’re a lady or gentlemen. Each one has there own pieces and cards that go with it and it was hard to not mix them up.

This game has ties to leadership because you have to work with your partner in order to win. You must make the right choices together so that you do not put you or your partner in a bad situation. Leadership is all about making decisions for the betterment of the group. I think my family would enjoy this game because it is silly. The theme is fun and my family doesn’t like games that take it too seriously.

Our play session was going well, but we did not have enough time to play. The game says it can be completed in 30 minutes, but that was nearly impossible with 8 people who have never played before. The game can be confusing because there are a lot of tasks and a lot of people going at the same time. I think I would enjoy this game if I got another shot.

Game of the Week: Ladies and Gentlemen

For this session, we played the board game Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a board game where the players are split in two groups: the ladies and the gentlemen. The ladies spend their turns figuring out what they want to buy from the shops so they look their best for the party. The gentlemen spend their turn getting money to buy the ladies what they want by trading stocks and completing contracts.

For our game, I wanted to be a lady, which worked out well since two people wanted to be gentlemen and the other guy wanted to be a lady. The gameplay was pretty cool. The ladies get to lay down cards of different clothing and accessories and pick out what they want. I tried to go for a somewhat fancy outfit that would go well together if it was real. Unfortunately, my ‘husband’ wasn’t able to afford everything so I had to make do with what I had.

I really enjoyed this game, and thought it was pretty fun. The hardest part was at the beginning when the other ‘lady’ and I had trouble figuring out how the shops worked. Once we read over the rules again, we figured it out and it went smoother than the first time we tried. If I had to recommend this game to someone, it would be my friend Nate. I think it would be really funny to see what he would come up with if he was one of the ladies. For leadership, I think this game teaches you that you have to rely on others sometimes and you might not always get what you want.

Week 12 (Ladies and Gentlemen)

This week we played Ladies and Gentlemen a game about buying and selling stocks and using that money to purchase clothing, maids, and accessories. This game is all about cooperation as two players are working together. Cooperation is also the biggest tie to leadership this game has. In this game cooperation and communication are the very important to understand what goals your teammates is attempting to achieve and whether or not you are able to take certain actions in the game. How this game makes you work together is complicated and definitely the hardest part of this game.

This game is played in teams of two where the people together on a team do not know what the other is doing. The gentlemen buy and sell stocks as well as paying for whatever the lady brings to them to buy. The ladies job is to pick out the best outfit, accessories, and help for the ball that is several days away. The part that makes all of this difficult is that the players are not allowed to specifically tell the other what they are trying to do or what they have. For the ladies it makes it hard to pick out products that the gentlemen will have the resources to purchase and for the gentlemen it means they don’t know whether or not to actually purchase a product. Why would a gentlemen not want to purchase a product? Well as a person who played as the lady I personally would pick items from a shop that my opponent was also shopping at that I thought would hinder them most if I could so that they wouldn’t get all the products that they desired. Communicating that I didn’t actually desire the outfit was difficult to tell my teammate. I think this game is a lot of fun and would recommend this to many different people.

One person I would recommend to play this game mostly because I want to play with them is my friend Jacob. This game is a fun game to play with other players and playing it with another person who I know well would be a lot of fun to figure out what strategies exist that we could use. It would also be fun to play with my friend and to mess with them in a way that works strategically but looks sporadic such as to confuse my friend.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen was an interesting take on representing identity in games, it allowed the players to step into the role of Victorian caricatures and through two different, but related gameplay loops attempt to outperform the other teams to be the richest guy and the prettiest girl at the ball. Overall, the loop of the ladies side of the game, the side that I was able to play, was fun and if not taken seriously this game has a lighthearted tone with very strong parody elements to its aesthetic and how it treats itself.

The hardest part of the game is trying to not only strategize with your partner,but also to take yourself seriously with such a silly premise and tone. With the limited communication between teammates until the purchasing stage of the game, the “lady” must not only think about what will score the most points but also what is affordable, while the “gentleman” needs to get as much “money” as possible to take advantage of the “lady’s” choices for the sake of scoring more points.

I think this game can work for any group of people that are comfortable with each other, I think part of the fun is playing into the silliness and that definitely works best when people are comfortable with one another. This game ties into leadership because of how it addresses and circumvents the idea of identity by making a mockery of the Victorian stereotypes it uses as its aesthetic.

Ladies And Gentlemen

Though we got off to a delayed and scrambled start, by the time we got to the second day phase we were all trying our best to figure out how to play and have some fun with the voices. We had fun trying to address each other in outrageous posh voices and attempt to understand our partners.

I started playing as just the gentleman, but then partway through, after it would have taken too much time to start over with the odd person playing the courtesan, a player playing a lady seemed to lose all connection and after several attempts to bet in touch with them I played the part of their lady as well until they could either return or time was up. I was pleased that everyone was so willing to work around misunderstanding parts of the game at first and relax together to have fun.

Leadership in this game was a little less obvious to me than in previous games. To me it came through in having to be able to trust your partner to pick up on your cues and pick the best choices. It was a balancing act of preparing and trying to make the most of your side and trusting that your partner will do the same.

Ladies And Gentlemen

In this week of class, we played Ladies and Gentlemen in Tabletop Simulator. Setting up the game was a bit hard because the rules were a bit confusing. We spent quite a bit of time going through the rules and understanding how to play the game. We did manage to get through one game, but we kind of cut the game short because we were running low on time. I got to play on the side of the gentleman but did not get to play the other side of the game. I was still a bit confused by the end on how the game worked, and I think we skipped through some of the rules, but we did manage to get through.

                Personally, I think I would like the game a lot more if we were doing it in person and if I had a better understanding of how the game worked. I do like the mechanics of the game because the game basically has two different games within it depending on which side you play. The gentlemen spend the game accumulating money for the ladies and helping them buy a bunch of clothes. The ladies are trying to get a bunch of different clothing pieces that their gentleman can buy and try to win off how many points their clothes are worth.

                The game’s theme is worth talking about in regard to roles and portraying people to fit certain things. The game is set in an older time where it portrays the men as the people who have to make all of the money, and all of the money ends up going towards clothes for the women. The women are portrayed as simply only seeking clothes and fulfilling a theme of beauty. Gender roles have become less generalized today as women are not given the role of housewife as they get older and have become breadwinners in today’s age. We continue to move towards a more diverse world where everybody gains more equality regardless of sex and race.

Ladies and Gentlemen

This game was my least favorite of all in class. I think it had potential to be more fun but my group seemed rather unmotivated and not many people knew the rules. However, we still managed to laugh and have fun. I played the role of a lady and I think I had more fun this way than playing a gentleman. It’s comical playing the role of the opposite sex and begging my husband (who was a woman) to buy me nice clothes and accessories. There were so many moving pieces on tabletop simulator which made it difficult to keep things organized. The gameplay itself was a little choppy due to server lag which could have been fixed by in person gameplay.

Leaders here, I figured were the women. They were the ones who picked what they wanted and tried to match themselves against other women to ensure they looked better at the ball. However, it was up to the men to acquire enough money to satisfy their lady so leadership shifted around the table at various points in the game.

When it came down to the ball, we couldn’t decide who looked better, so we concluded the game with a draw. That way everybody could feel somewhat accomplished in that they did a good job playing the game. I would need to read over the rules a bit more to ensure a better understanding and a better experience playing this game again. It wasn’t a bad game, it just wasn’t my favorite.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Reflection 6

This week we played Ladies and Gentlemen. Honestly, it did not go as smoothly as I would have pictured. Tabletop Simulator made it difficult with all the moving pieces and we had a member drop out in the beginning, who was my partner. I decided to take the role of a gentlemen, simply because I am a business major and enjoy the stock market, so thought this role would suit me better than the lady role.

I think the hardest part of this game was moving all the pieces simultaneously. I think this part of the game would have been easier in person, but is very difficult over the web. I also think it would have been more enjoyable in person, reaching over each other to grab the resources, creating an exciting environment. What I liked most about this game the simplicity of the male character and how easy it was to learn his part. I believe the lady role was a tad bit more difficult, but I would like to try that role if I had the chance to play again. I think this game ties to leadership because you are taking on a character who is responsible for another person. Essentially you are leading a team of 2 to help each other succeed by being successful at the ball.

If I were to play this game again I would want my mom to play with me. She is a multitasker and enjoys a busy environment, so I think she would enjoy the environment this game creates. She also won’t take the time to learn an overly complex game and I believe I could teach her this game in a reasonable amount of time.