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Avalon: A Game of Good vs Evil

For the first week we played Avalon, a hidden role game.  In this game there are two teams, the forces of good and evil with each side having a few powerful people.  For the forces of good, the strongest role has to be Merlin who gets to see who is part of the forces of evil.  As for the forces of evil, I think the strongest role is the assassin who can single-handedly turn a loss into a win.

Coming in familiar with other hidden role games gave me a leg up but the hardest part of the game for me was figuring out how to best utilize everyone’s unique ability as best as possible.  For example, being Merlin and know who is evil sounds straight forward but if you reveal too much then the forces of evil can assume who you are and kill you to win.  Oberon is the complete opposite, making you figure out who is good or evil on your own.  All of the different abilities keep the game fresh with each play through as everyone plays the same role in their own way.

Communication is a huge aspect of this game and of leadership.  The forces of good cannot win if they stay silent as they need to group together in order to pass quests.  This also applies to leadership.  While working towards a goal, if all of the steps to accomplish that goal are laid out and the work is distributed you can still fail if there is no further communication or collaboration.

My friend Josh would enjoy this game based off of the enjoyment he gets from playing One Night a Werewolf and Secret Hitler.  Games where he can shout to get his point across or accuse people seem to me to be the games he likes the most.