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Diversity & inclusion events next week

Introduction to the Chinese Language
When: Tuesday, 4/23 @ 6-7pm
Where: Verity Lodge (Middletown)
Description: Four international Miami students will introduce audience members to the Chinese language, covering topics such as naming conventions, numbers and counting, pronunciation, and greeting and parting. A light meal will be served for the first 60 attendees.

A Proactive Student Response to Genocide
When: Tuesday, 4/23 @ 6-8pm
Where: 1066 Armstrong
Description: A Holocaust survivor, Bosnian Genocide survivor, and two academics specializing in atrocity crimes will share their stories, research, and advice on what we can do as a community in response to baseless hatred.

Vietnamese Coffee Booth
When: Wednesday, 4/24 @ 12-2pm & Thursday, 4/25 @ 12-2pm
Where: Armstrong Slant Walk
Description: The Vietnamese Student Association is hosting a booth to provide cups of traditional Vietnamese coffee.

Citizen Brown: Race, Democracy, and Inequality in the St. Louis Suburbs
When: Thursday, 4/25 @ 5-7pm
Where: Hughes Laboratories 100
Description: Colin Gordon writes on the history of American public policy and political economy. Citizen Brown explores the experience of African Americans in St. Louis County by examining patterns of municipal incorporation and annexation, the starkly uneven provision of local services, local approaches to urban renewal, and the potent combination of racial transitions nd fiscal austerity that led to the death of Michael Brown.

Women’s Center 2019 Femellectual Launch
When: Friday, 4/26 @ 3-5:30pm
Where: Armstrong Marcum Patio (though if raining, the location will be at the Cultural Center)
Description: The Women’s Center is launching its 2019 Femellectual Publication, where attendees will listen to the publication contributors read their pieces. Light refreshments will be served.

Vietnamese Hung King Appreciation Day
When: Friday, 4/26 @ 5-6pm
Where: Bachelor 131
Description: Hung King Appreciation Day is a national Vietnamese holiday. The Vietnamese Student Association is hosting this event to remember the tradition of their country and to introduce students to Vietnamese culture.

When: Friday, 4/26 @ 6-8pm
Where: Hillel 11 E Walnut St
Description: Hillel: Association of Jewish Students hosts its weekly shabbat dinner. All are welcome to attend.

Faculty audience and assistance at commencement

The College and President’s Office are both requesting that faculty consider assisting with commencement ceremonies by participating in the processions (i.e., just attending and sitting there). They are also requesting help as faculty Marshals, which basically just means sitting at the end of a row. We have some regalia in the department and others may be willing to share if faculty are interested but do not have attire. Please let me (or Kris Zomchek directly) know if you will be attending the ceremony, and especially if you are willing to serve as a Marshal.

Diversity and inclusion events next week

Black Women Empowered’s Annual Hair Expo
When: Sunday, 4/14 @ 12-4pm
Where: 322 McGuffey
Description: This is Black Women Empowered’s signature spring event, which is intended to create a space of self-care and empowerment through workshops and panels.

Constancio Arnaldo Jr.: Rethinking Sport Cultures Beyond Black, White, and Male: Sports as Sites of Possibility, Contradiction, and Social Change
When: Monday, 4/15 @ 6-7:50pm
Where: 001 Upham Hall
Description: Dr. Arnaldo is an assistant professor in Asian/Asian American Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His research “examines the cultural politics of sport among Filipino and Filipino Americans” in several U.S. locations.

21st Century Indian Country: Interrupting the Dominant Narrative
When: Monday, 4/15 @ 7pm (Reception at 8:30pm)
Where: 121 Peabody Hall
Description: This year’s Robert E. Strippel Memorial Continuing Dialogue on Justice and Human Rights event will feature Judith LeBlanc as the keynote speaker. Ms. LeBlanc is the director of the Native Organizers Alliance and Roddenberry Fellow. She will address colonial legacies that are being interrupted by Native Americans claiming their own contemporary narratives to counter discrimination and invisibility.

Safe Zone 101
When: Tuesday, 4/16 @ 11:30am-1pm
Where: 316 Mosler Hall (Hamilton campus)
Description: This Safe Zone 101 training will teach participants how to be informed, active allies to the LGBTQ+ community.

Further than Falafel: Israeli Dinner and Discussion
When: Tuesday, 4/16 @ 6-7:30pm
Where: 1086 Armstrong
Description: In this Further than Falafel event, a free Israeli dinner will be served and the question of the role the Holocaust memory plays in Israel will be discussed.

Mauritanian Refugees in Ohio: What ICE is doing in our own backyard: The deportation crisis facing Ohio’s Mauritanian communities
When: Wednesday, 4/17 @ 4-6pm
Where: 002 Upham Hall
Description: Dr. Christopher Hemming will present a talk on ICE’s deportations of members of Cincinnati’s and Columbus’s Mauritanian communities, which are two of the largest Mauritanian communities in the U.S.

American and Muslim Women’s Taaruf
When: Wednesday, 4/17 @ 5-6:30pm
Where: Lane Library, Helen Weinsberger Activities Center
Description: This is a gathering of women interested in building community between Muslim and Middle Eastern with American women. The event is open to anyone interested in developing a broader understanding and a sisterhood across faith, culture, and identity.

SDAC Coffee and Conversations
When: Thursday, 4/18 @ 5-6pm
Where: McGuffey 121
Description: We welcome all to attend to hear a panel of students who identify as having a disability speak about their experiences and life here at Miami both as students and as members of the community as a whole.

Racial Legacies & Learning, featuring P. Frank Williams
When: Thursday, 4/18 @ 6-9pm
Where: Dave Finkelman Auditorium (Middletown campus)
Description: P. Frank Williams is an internationally recognized expert on hip-hop and pop culture, and is an Emmy Award winning TV/Film producer, writer, journalist, author and commentator.

Access for All
When: Friday, 4/19 @ 8:30am
Where: Shriver Center, Heritage Room
Description: Miami’s 5th annual Accessible Technology Symposium is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about ways to remove barriers to learning for individuals with disabilities. Register here.

Vodou Dancer/Drummers Performance
When: Friday, 4/19 @ 6-9pm
Where: 322 McGuffey
Description: Nancy St. Léger is the Artistic Director of the NSL Dance Ensemble in Miami Florida, where she teaches Vodou dance classes, choreographs, and performs. She was born in Port-au-Prince and now lives and works in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, FL.

Intergroup dialogue FLC

Tarah Trueblood from the Center for American and World Cultures (CAWC) has been coordinating the intergroup dialogue sessions this semester, in which some of our majors, 112 students, and graduate students are participating. Next year, they are extending this to faculty and administrators as an FLC; she writes:

I want to give you a heads up that the CAWC will be facilitating an FLC next year to help develop a strategy for embedding intergroup dialogue campus-wide. We are hoping to create a group with about 50% faculty members. Would you share the information below about this FLC with your faculty?

The Center for Teaching Excellence has accepted the proposal to fund a 2019-20 Faculty Learning Community (FLC) called Intergroup Dialogue for Miami Faculty, Staff, and Administrators.

The purpose of this FLC is to forge an internal partnership of faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to learning and embedding IDG pedagogy. The FLC will work to adopt an IGD model/s, assessment plan, and strategy for embedding IGD theory and practice among Miami faculty, staff and administrators. Such embedding will involve the formation of peer-facilitated intergroup dialogue groups who will engage in purposeful, facilitated, dialogue across social identity differences.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 19, 2019

This FLC will be co-facilitated by Alicia Castillo Shrestha and Tarah Trueblood starting in the fall. We will work out a meeting day and time that works with most schedules. I hope you will join us!

Contact Tarah directly for more information if you are interested, but I would encourage you to consider this opportunity.

Diversity & inclusion events next week

John Singer, PhD: Black Male Athletes’ Education Matters: What’s College Sport Got to do with It?
When: Monday, 4/8 @ 6-7:50pm
Where: 001 Upham Hall
Description: Dr. John Singer will present a talk on his research, which identifies “intersections between race, gender, sport, and education…and diversity and social justice matters in sport organizations, with an emphasis on historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Chinese Skit Competition
When: Tuesday, 4/8 @ 6-8pm
Where: Leonard Theatre Peabody Hall
Description: The Confucius Institute and the Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures is co-hosting this event for Chinese language students, where they will act out skits and demonstrate their Chinese fluency.

Valeria Luiselli: Asylum Under Siege: Nations, Borders, and Refugees in the Age of Global Migration
When: Wednesday, 4/10 @ 5:30pm
Where: 1000 Farmer School of Business
Description: Working as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking children in the New York City Immigration Court, Valeria Luiselli realized that rather than just translating 40 questions on an intake questionnaire, she was “providing triage to a humanitarian emergency.” She will be presenting a talk related to her book entitled “Tell Me How it Ends: An Essay in 40 Questions.”

Kate Welling Lecture: Intelligent Lives
When: Wednesday, 4/10 @ 7pm
Where: 152 Shideler Hall
Description: The first part of this event includes a screening of a film called Intelligent Lives, which details the lives of three young adults with intellectual disabilities. After the film, the night’s host will lead a Q&A.

Dr. Mich Nyawalo: “I’m Muslim Don’t Panic”: Responding to French Islamophobia through Hip-Hop
When: Thursday, 4/11 @ 5:30-7:30pm
Where: 040 Irvin Hall
Description: Dr. Mich Nyawalo will present a talk entitled “I’m Muslim Don’t Panic”: Responding to French Islamophobia through Hip-Hop.

Diversity & inclusion events next week

Please remember that next week is our very own Diversity & Inclusion Celebration Week, with programming all week and our two workshops on Friday. The associated (public) events are also included below and denoted with **.

Screening of One Day at a Time**
When: Monday, 4/1 @ 3pm
Where: PSY 343
Description: For the first event of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Week, Unidos will present a screening of a TV episode detailing the lives of a modern day Cuban-American family. The episode focuses on what it means to identify as Latinx in the wake of micro-aggressions and hateful comments.

LGBTQ+ Allyship Workshop**
When: Tuesday, 4/2 @ 1-2pm
Where: PSY 134
Description: This is the second event of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Week. Hannah Thompson will host this workshop, where participants will learn the importance of using inclusive language, gain empathy, build cultural respect, and explore ways to create a more inclusive environment.

Coffee with ABPsi**
When: Wednesday, 4/3 @ 9:30-10:30am
Where: PSY 130
Description: In the third event of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Week, members of the Association of Black Psychologists will host a coffee conversation about adversities individuals from diverse backgrounds face on college campuses.

How to Have Difficult Conversations**
When: Wednesday, 4/3 @ 1-2pm
Where: PSY 328
Description: In the fourth event of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Week, Pankhuri Aggarwal and Natalee Price will host a workshop on how, when, and why faculty, staff, and students should have explicit conversations about the impacts privileged and marginalized identities have on power differentials in academia.

César Chávez Day – Transforming America
When: Wednesday, 4/3 @ 5-9pm
Where: 212 MacMillan Hall
Description: The theme of the César Chávez Day Celebration is “Transforming America: Civil disobedience, social change, and environmental justice.” A reception begins at 5:45, followed by film screening of Dolores, who was an equal partner in co-founding the first farm worker union with César Chávez. After the film, a panel discussion will take place, featuring Miami students and professors.

Healthy Masculinities Workshop**
When: Thursday, 4/4 @ 11am-12pm
Where: PSY 134
Description: In the fifth event of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Week, Miami’s Men and Masculinity Committee will host an introduction to masculinity, with a specific focus on the complexities of college-aged men.

Ain’t I a Woman: My Journey to Womanhood
When: Thursday, 4/4 @ 8-11pm
Where: Hall Auditorium (101 S. Campus Ave)
Description: Laverne Cox is the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in an acting category, and in addition to her career, she is a prominent equal rights advocate. Laverne Cox will share an “empowering message of moving beyond gender expectations to live ore authentically.” This is event is free but ticketed.

Diversity Teach-In**
When: Friday, 4/5 @ 3-5pm
Where: PSY 125
Description: In the final event of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Week, Marie Parsons, Annika Goldman, Alejandro Trujillo, and Sarah Dreyer-Oren will present talks on Modifying Intergroup Anxiety, Ageism and Mental Health, Confronting Racist Incidents on a College Campus: Who Should Respond and Why, and Culture and Help-Seeking: Collecting Cross-Cultural Data at Miami.

Asian Cultural Festival
When: Friday, 4/5 @ 5-7pm
Where: Oxford Uptown Park
Description: The Asian American Association is hosting this event to allow the community and Miami students to learn more about the diverse Asian countries. There will be free food, prizes, and performances.

Meet Clinton Kelly during his visit to Miami

As part of Miami’s Lecture Series, we often get the opportunity for special events with the guest speakers. Those interested in potentially joining a small-group seminar or dinner engagement with Clinton Kelly on April 8 should let me know as soon as possible. From Lana Rosenberg, Chair of the Lecture Series:

Clinton Kelly is best known for co-hosting ABC’s daytime hit The Chew and TLC’s What Not to Wear. As moderator on ABC’s food-centric The Chew, Kelly hosted cooking and style segments. For ten years, he co-hosted What Not to Wear, the longest running primetime series on TLC, where he offered honest style advice with a sense of humor.

Among his books are Freakin’ Fabulous On a Budget and Freakin’ Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate and Generally Be Better Than Everyone Else. Previously Kelly was a New York based magazine editor and freelance writer; he received a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Communications from Boston College.

Kelly is a sought-after fashion guru who empowers his audience to revamp their wardrobe and revamp their lives: “Looking good is everyone’s inalienable right. I’m interested in helping real people develop a sense of style that’s understandable for them and appropriate for their lifestyle.” His lecture is titled “Dressing the Body You Have, Not the Body You Want.”