Intergroup dialogue FLC

Tarah Trueblood from the Center for American and World Cultures (CAWC) has been coordinating the intergroup dialogue sessions this semester, in which some of our majors, 112 students, and graduate students are participating. Next year, they are extending this to faculty and administrators as an FLC; she writes:

I want to give you a heads up that the CAWC will be facilitating an FLC next year to help develop a strategy for embedding intergroup dialogue campus-wide. We are hoping to create a group with about 50% faculty members. Would you share the information below about this FLC with your faculty?

The Center for Teaching Excellence has accepted the proposal to fund a 2019-20 Faculty Learning Community (FLC) called Intergroup Dialogue for Miami Faculty, Staff, and Administrators.

The purpose of this FLC is to forge an internal partnership of faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to learning and embedding IDG pedagogy. The FLC will work to adopt an IGD model/s, assessment plan, and strategy for embedding IGD theory and practice among Miami faculty, staff and administrators. Such embedding will involve the formation of peer-facilitated intergroup dialogue groups who will engage in purposeful, facilitated, dialogue across social identity differences.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 19, 2019

This FLC will be co-facilitated by Alicia Castillo Shrestha and Tarah Trueblood starting in the fall. We will work out a meeting day and time that works with most schedules. I hope you will join us!

Contact Tarah directly for more information if you are interested, but I would encourage you to consider this opportunity.