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Vrinda Kalia featured in Washington Post story

In the June 9, 2022, edition of the Washington Post, our own Vrinda Kalia was featured in a story on toxic positivity (i.e., when people respond to others’ struggles with trite statements like “Everything happens for a reason”). The Washington Post article draws upon Vrinda’s expertise in studying perfectionism and emotional expression, and it outlines several more beneficial responses endorsed by Vrinda. Congrats to Vrinda for this recognition of her work and of her scholarly expertise!

Four PSY students earn Dean’s Scholars for 2022-23

Congratulations go to four PSY students and their faculty mentors, who were named Dean’s Scholars for the 2022-23 AY. Specifically, Caroline Bartoszek (advisor Jenn Quinn), Savannah Lowe (advisor Chris Wolfe), Zoe Platow (advisor Matt McMurray), and Natalie Shand (advisor Anna Radke) were named Dean’s Scholars. Each student and each advisor will receive $500 to support their scholarly efforts! Congratulations to everyone involved in support undergraduate research in our department!

Eight graduate students receive Capretta Awards

Congratulations to eight psychology graduate students who were selected by the faculty to receive Capretta Awards in 2022. Capretta Awards recognize post-master’s students for their research contributions and public presentations of their scholarly work. Each student receives a cash award with the recognition. This year’s winners are:

Akanksha Das
McKenna Freeman
Rachel Geyer
Niki Hayatbini
Lauren Jones
Sean Monroe
Natalee Price
Elizabeth Sneddon-Yepez

Congrats to all of our Capretta Winners!

Natalie Perkins named Psychology Dissertation Scholar for 2022-23

At the 2022 Stephen Hinkle Memorial Poster Session, Natalie Perkins was named the Department of Psychology Dissertation Scholar for 2022-23. This award releases the recipient from departmental duties, allowing them to devote their full time efforts to their dissertation and related scholarly activities. Natalie is a member of Aaron Luebbe’s lab, and we congratulate her on being named Dissertation Scholar!

Psi Chi Professor and Graduate Student of the Year named

At the 2022 Stephen Hinkle Memorial Poster Session, Psi Chi announced the recipients of two of the most coveted annual honors in the psychology department. Dr. Anna Radke was named Professor of the Year in Psychology for 2021-22, and Elizabeth Sneddon-Yepez was named Graduate Student of the Year in Psychology for 2021-22. Congratulations to Anna and Elizabeth on these well-deserved recognitions!

Matt McMurray receives CFR award

Congratulations go to Matt McMurray, who received a $30K award from the Miami Committee on Faculty Research and the Office of Research and Innovation to support his research during the summer of 2022. The award will provide summer support and materials and supplies to continue his work on-going drug addiction research, and the proposal received very positive comments during its review process. Congrats Matt!

Anna Radke receives Miami Rapid Investment Program grant

Congratulations goes to Anna Radke, who will receive a $96K grant from Miami’s Rapid Investment Program (RAPID) grant program. The RAPID grant is a new internal funding mechanism to support Miami faculty members whose research is especially viable for extramural funding. The RAPID grant will support her research on motivational brain systems that contribute to substance use disorders from March 2022 to March 2023. Congratulations to Anna for this receiving this award!

PSY receives two DUOS awards

Congratulations goes to two graduate-undergraduate research teams and their faculty advisors, who are receiving DUOS (Doctoral Undergraduate Opportunity Scholarships), supporting psychology research projects conducted between undergraduate-graduate student pairs working together under the supervision of a faculty member in a Miami doctoral department.

Dr. Anna Radke, Faculty Advisor
Sean Monroe, Graduate Student Mentor
Cambria Beane, Undergraduate Student, Psychology Major 2024
The Role of Cholinergic Neurons in Fentanyl Consumption

Dr. Jennifer Quinn, Faculty Advisor
Brianna Minshall, Graduate Student Mentor
Catherine Wasylyshyn, Undergraduate Student, Psychology Major 2022
Effects of Acute Early Life Stress and Adult Fear Conditioning on CRH2 Receptor Expression in Adult Rats

Congratulations to Cambria, Sean, and Anna, and congratulations to Catherine, Brianna, and Jenn!

Anna Radke and Jenn Quinn receive R21 award

Congratulations goes to Anna Radke and Jenn Quinn, who are Co-Is on a recently awarded $199K grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for a project entitled, “Sex-specific effects of infant trauma on adult alcohol drinking: Role of amygdala intercalated neurons.” The project will run from September 2021 through August 2023, and it will use animal models to study mechanisms by which early life adversity may increase sensitivity to stressors and increase drinking in adulthood. Congrats to Anna and Jenn!

Jeff Hunger receives R01 NIH award

Congratulations goes to Jeff Hunger, who is a Co-I on a recently awarded $1.26M grant from the National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute for a project entitled, “Obesity Stigma and Health Behavior: An Experimental Approach.” The project will run from July 2021 through July 2024, and it will examine the connections between social isolation, weight stigma, and poorer health behaviors. The project is a collaboration with Dr. Janet Tomiyama in UCLA’s Department of Psychology. Congrats Jeff!