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CAS award for diabetes research

CAS has issued a Call for Proposals for the Madalene and George Shetler Diabetes Research Award. This $3,500 research award is awarded bi-annually to CAS faculty who are conducting scientific or scholarly research pertaining to diabetes or illnesses related to diabetes. Please let me know if you are interested and I can provide format and submission details (due October 2).

Industry information interest group for grad students

Many of our grad students are interested in, or could benefit from, some exploration of non-academic career paths. To this end, J.P. Gonzales, a second-year student in the social area, writes:

Some folks in the department have expressed interest in continuing a group that was formed last semester by Kurt S., the Industry Info Group. The primary purpose of this group is to collect and disseminate information and resources (and to provide support for) students who may be interested in pursing non-academic career paths upon graduation. I would like to stress moving forward that this group is not intended to serve as a place to criticize or “bash” the traditional academic career path and those who may have their heart set on pursuing a traditional academic career post graduation. We seek to create a collaborative, supportive environment for students, regardless of their specific career objectives.

Contact J.P for more information, or use this link to schedule (When2Meet) if you are interested.


Diversity symposium and grad recruiting

There is an upcoming regional event that may be of interest to many: the 2017 Diversity Research Symposium (September 22-23) at Ball State University (Muncie, IN). In addition to workshops, speakers, posters, etc. at the symposium, the organizer also writes:

I would like to invite representatives from your graduate programs to participate in our networking sessions as exhibitors/recruiters. Undergraduate and MA level graduate students with strong interest in cultural diversity issues who are seeking graduate programs will be participating at these networking sessions.

This could be an excellent, relatively easy opportunity to speak with local students with graduate school intentions and allow us to recruit a more diverse pool as well. Those interested can contact me for more information or visit Registration closes September 8.

New Art Therapy minor

As the title suggests. Advise interested undergraduates accordingly:

This minor is for students interested in learning more about the field of art therapy; in some cases the minor may prepare students to apply to art therapy graduate programs. Art therapists can work in any setting that employs helping professions, for example: hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, domestic violence shelters, geriatric facilities, psychiatric facilities, residential facilities, day programs for developmental disabilities and chronic mental illness, etc. Art therapy uses the art process and the therapeutic relationship between the client and art therapist to process trauma, enhance self-esteem, improve relational abilities, decrease anxiety/depression, and increase an overall enhanced sense of well-being

CAS Alumni Lecture Series: Call for proposals

We are fortunate to have two distinguished alumni visiting campus this semester, Richard Mayer (Sept. 19) and Dustin Wygant (Oct. 20). If you know of other alumni that you would like to invite back to campus this academic year, consider proposing them for the CAS Alumni Lecture series. If you have individuals in mind, see me for submission information; the deadline is Sept. 22.

Important info concerning your undergrad RAs

As you sign up your RAs for this year, please be aware that ALL undergraduates working in your lab or with you on other special projects should be signed up for *77 independent study credit. This should match their standing (e.g. 377 for a junior) and be in appropriate number according to the nature of the experience; generally 1 cr. = 3 or 4 hrs/wk averaged over the semester. You must use the .R modifier if it is a research assistant. This is critical for the student to earn their experiential learning MP designation and for us to be able to properly track students for reporting, etc. Students who are not registered for credit will not be included during evaluations of faculty research mentoring. If you have questions about this or situations where you think students should not be credit-bearing, please let me know.


OARS Research Fair

In response to requests from new and continuing faculty for more information about the research support services available here at Miami, OARS will sponsor a research fair on Tuesday, September 12 from 10:00am to 2:00pm in the Heritage Room in Shriver Center. No registration required. Modeled after Miami’s annual benefits fair, the research fair will offer resources related to a range of services, including:

  • Internal funding for research
  • Collaborative research opportunities
  • Research centers
  • Laboratory services
  • Program evaluation services
  • Statistical services
  • Writing support services
  • Proposal development assistance
  • Research ethics and integrity support
  • Undergraduate research support
  • Crowdfunding

Who are your interesting undergrads?

Jason Barone is now seeking students for CAS Student Spotlight interviews. These are a great way to advertise the work we do through the students we involve, and a way to identify students for further programs, nominations, etc. He writes:

As always, I’m looking for a good variety of students in terms of majors, backgrounds, accomplishments, and so on. Please provide me with some names and majors — and ask your department faculty for some suggestions as well. I’ll do my best to contact the students for face-to-face interviews this fall.

This year, in order to make these profiles more dynamic and interesting, one new feature I hope to add to the written spotlights is a short video portion, in which students talk about a specific accomplishment or activity at Miami — study abroad, research, internship, etc. This will increase their potential use across the web and our social media platforms.

Feel free to reply via either email or the online submission form I’ve set up for this process