Categories & tags

Categories are more permanent and structured than tags. Any content may be marked with multiple categories and/or tags. Tags are more specialized, sometimes transient; they do provide excellent keywords for search of a specific item.

Category descriptions

  • Action involves something about which a response is required, including nominations,
    applications, etc.
  • Business includes an item of internal business, such as something that will be handled by committee or at a faculty meeting
  • Event and conference information that may be of interest to faculty
  • Interest will be used to identify content that I may find of personal relevance but deem share-worthy
  • News is exactly that, either for or about the department
  • Policy will be used to either announce or remind about new and changed policies and procedures
  • Reports and minutes will be announced through the blog using this tag (although often link to a file requiring authorization)
  • Undergraduate student-related
  • Graduate student-related

Tag list

Alphabetical list of tags here