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Drop in advising in PSYC on 21Oct, 21Nov, and 5Dec

The Miami Center for Career Exploration and Success will be holding drop-in advising sessions in 130 PSYC on October 21, November 21, and December 5 (each day from 2-4 p.m.). Career advising services provided include career exploration and planning, resume assistance, cover letter assistance, networking tips, job and internship search strategies, grad school preparation, and interview preparation. In addition, students can sign up for advising appointments available every day of the week, which are held at the Career Center ASC 0045 (set up using handshake).

Career center liaison

We have a new department liaison with the Center for Career Exploration and Success, Michael Turner. Michael can serve as a great resource, and plans to renew the practice of holding occasional office hours in the building starting next academic year. In addition to reminding us about the upcoming Career Grant deadline (April 29; see Provost’s Weekly Three), he also sends along a couple pointers:

Career Clusters
CCES organizes services, events, and communication around career clusters: groupings of common occupations that fall within broad career sectors. Career clusters allow students to focus their professional interests while they explore similar careers within broad industry categories. We urge students to consider their interests, skills, and preferences on work settings and job functions in relation to their occupational options and to acquire skills and experiences throughout college that would align to their career goals. Learn more about career clusters HERE.

Resources For Faculty
I thought it might be helpful to include the Faculty and Staff page from our CCES website explaining how [we have] historically worked with faculty and resources to be aware of. I’m also happy to come and visit during a department or staff meeting and give a brief overview.

Government, social services, and NPO employer expo

From Katie Bowling (CCES), an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to network and learn more about employers and careers in a variety of fields. Faculty interested in learning how to prepare students for such careers are also welcome:

The Government, Social Services & Nonprofit Expo is March 14 from 9-11am at the Shriver Center (JDOL Rooms). This event is open to all students, but I think it would be of particular interest to Psychology, Gerontology, Sociology, Social Justice Studies, Pre-Law, Political Science, and many other majors. Registration is not required, but highly encouraged so that we can print a name tag for the student.

I want to draw your attention to the nearly 50 employers that will be in attendance to see exactly with whom your students might want to interact. The goal of this event is to network with employers, but also to inquire and secure internships and full time positions.

Alumni board Career Path Symposium

Our dedicated Alumni Advisory Board has worked extremely hard in developing a workshop for all students interested in improving their career readiness. From Vaishali:

The Department of Psychology Alumni Advisory Board presents a Career Path Symposium titled, ” Innovative & Prepared: Your Road Map toward Career Success” on Friday March 15 from 10 am to 2 pm in Farmer School of Business. The workshop will enable you to discover your own personal story and brand, provide practical guide to your job search, describe many career avenues open to you with a psychology degree, and discuss written and unwritten roles for work success.

More information can be found on the flyer in the Team Drive here.

Startup Weekend 2018

The dean would love to see increased representation from CAS students at this annual event, and Psychology majors in particular have valuable skills that could contribute meaningfully to any number of potential ventures. This year’s event is February 23-25.

Calling all Miami University Arts and Science students who want to turn ideas into reality! The Institute for Entrepreneurship is hosting its annual Miami University Startup Weekend. Pitch your idea, form a team, and bring it to life – all in one weekend! No business idea? No problem. Jump on to a team and contribute your skills and talents!

  • Develop idea from concept to reality in 48 hrs
  • Gain coaching and mentorship from entrepreneurs
  • Food provided throughout the weekend
  • Receive 1 hr of course credit
  • Open to all students!
  • The standard FSB surcharge applies for the course credit

For more information or to sign up, use this link.

Wrap-up from career panel

Students are increasingly seeking advice during advising sessions about the value of their psychology major after graduation. Ginger hosted a panel to explore these topics with industry leaders and alumni, from which she reports:

On Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 from 12-1 PM, the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department (Regionals), Psychology Department (Oxford), and Career and Professional Services Office (Regionals) invited a panel of local experts to address these topics and answer students’ questions about breaking into the for-profit world, including human resources, industrial/organizational psychology, and business leadership.

Joining us for the panel were Mr. Tim Beatty (President, Bullen Ultrasonics), Mr. Brian George (Personnel Technician, Academic Personnel Services department – Miami University and Miami Regionals alumnus), and Mr. Justin Gregg (Manager, Predictive Analytics – CareSource, Inc. and adjunct professor at Miami). The panel members were wonderfully lively and candid, sharing their personal successes, struggles, and journeys as to how they arrived at their current professions. Among their key take-away messages:

  • Psychology is applicable in a wide array of job opportunities – you do not just have to be a psychologist to benefit from psychology classes or a psychology major. Businesses run better when leaders are thoughtful, considerate, and attentive to their employees’ and colleagues needs and goals, which are the things psychology emphasizes.
  • It is OK to switch careers and not necessarily have a “perfect life” or professional plan fully mapped out. All of these gentlemen have worn many different and varied hats at different stages of their lives and careers. The important thing is to be a life-long learner and never stop growing.
  • Experience and strong performance in statistics and research methods classes matter. Bosses will want to see that you are a critical thinker and problem solver, and these are tools to demonstrate those skills, whether or not you want to do research after you graduate. You still need to be able to understand the benefits of rigorous, detailed testing of ideas.
  • In both interviews and professional documents (e.g., cover letters and resumes), employers are looking for responsible, hard-working individuals who show initiative/leadership, strong interpersonal and conflict management skills, and self-motivation. Seek out and describe opportunities you have had both in and outside the classroom to provide evidence of claims you make about yourself. For example, if you say, “I’m a good leader,” your in-class, work, and volunteer experiences should clearly back-up your position. Build your skill set and have examples ready.

If you missed this event and but would like to see the panel for yourself, please contact Ginger for a weblink to watch the full video of this very helpful session.

Many thanks to our panelists, sponsors, and partners for helping us host this wonderful event. Special thanks to Ms. Christina Fitzpatrick, Dr. Beth Dietz, and Mr. Jacob Robinson for assisting with the WebEx and video-recording logistics for the session.