Diversity & inclusion events next week

Introduction to the Chinese Language
When: Tuesday, 4/23 @ 6-7pm
Where: Verity Lodge (Middletown)
Description: Four international Miami students will introduce audience members to the Chinese language, covering topics such as naming conventions, numbers and counting, pronunciation, and greeting and parting. A light meal will be served for the first 60 attendees.

A Proactive Student Response to Genocide
When: Tuesday, 4/23 @ 6-8pm
Where: 1066 Armstrong
Description: A Holocaust survivor, Bosnian Genocide survivor, and two academics specializing in atrocity crimes will share their stories, research, and advice on what we can do as a community in response to baseless hatred.

Vietnamese Coffee Booth
When: Wednesday, 4/24 @ 12-2pm & Thursday, 4/25 @ 12-2pm
Where: Armstrong Slant Walk
Description: The Vietnamese Student Association is hosting a booth to provide cups of traditional Vietnamese coffee.

Citizen Brown: Race, Democracy, and Inequality in the St. Louis Suburbs
When: Thursday, 4/25 @ 5-7pm
Where: Hughes Laboratories 100
Description: Colin Gordon writes on the history of American public policy and political economy. Citizen Brown explores the experience of African Americans in St. Louis County by examining patterns of municipal incorporation and annexation, the starkly uneven provision of local services, local approaches to urban renewal, and the potent combination of racial transitions nd fiscal austerity that led to the death of Michael Brown.

Women’s Center 2019 Femellectual Launch
When: Friday, 4/26 @ 3-5:30pm
Where: Armstrong Marcum Patio (though if raining, the location will be at the Cultural Center)
Description: The Women’s Center is launching its 2019 Femellectual Publication, where attendees will listen to the publication contributors read their pieces. Light refreshments will be served.

Vietnamese Hung King Appreciation Day
When: Friday, 4/26 @ 5-6pm
Where: Bachelor 131
Description: Hung King Appreciation Day is a national Vietnamese holiday. The Vietnamese Student Association is hosting this event to remember the tradition of their country and to introduce students to Vietnamese culture.

When: Friday, 4/26 @ 6-8pm
Where: Hillel 11 E Walnut St
Description: Hillel: Association of Jewish Students hosts its weekly shabbat dinner. All are welcome to attend.